Saturday, May 15, 2021

WWI’s Alpine Front Emerge


New York Plans To Give Artists Work This Summer

Like the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s, NY’s City Artist Corps is a relief program that “will pay hundreds of local artists to beautify and activate public spaces across the city with murals, public artworks, performances, and more.” – Hyperallergic

As Glaciers Melt, Relics From WWI’s Alpine Front Emerge

On the 10K Mount Scorluzzo in Italy, “the Austro-Hungarian soldiers who occupied those barracks were fighting Italian troops in what became known as the White War. There in the Alps — removed from the more famous Western Front, a site of bloody trench warfare between Germany and France — troops climbed to precarious heights in the stinging cold to carve fortifications into the rock and snow.” Now everything they abandoned in 1918 is coming to a museum. – The New York Times

Lyn Macdonald, Who Preserved The Voices Of WWI Soldiers, 91

Macdonald was a producer for the BBC in 1973 when she “was given what she thought would be a one-off journalistic assignment: to accompany a group of World War I veterans from a British rifle brigade on a final pilgrimage to the battlefields of France.” She interviewed more than 600 veterans and wrote seven books about their experiences, popularizing and changing military history. – The New York Times

1,000 feral cats released onto Chicago streets to tackle rat explosion The Hill. So that’s why Rahm wants to leave for Japan!

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