Friday, October 01, 2021

Europol busts online scam group run by the Mafia; 103 arrested; most in Spain

 Retired four-star general Stan McChrystal has lived a life associated with the deadly risks of combat. 

Deep bloggers are keen on reading his  new book coming out Risk: A User’s Guide.  Here is his Wikipedia page.

Tattykeel Aussie White ram sells for $165,000 in new record

A new Australian record has been set by a meat sheep breed, with an Aussie White ram selling for a whopping $165,000.

Did China Just Steal $31 Billion From Alibaba and Tencent Shareholders?

Europol busts online scam group run by the Mafia; 103 arrested; most in Spain

Queens, New York: Man charged with getting unemployment under 13 different names

Designer of AOC Tax the Rich dress owes the IRS for PPP loans

The bell, which was rung at the first game of rugby league between the Rabbitohs and Roosters at Birchgrove Oval back in 1908, is currently sitting inside Crowe’s memorabilia room at his Nana Glen estate on NSW’s north coast.

Russell Crowe has paid tribute to retiring hooker Issac Luke, hand-picking the South Sydney legend to ring the iconic foundation bell before Sunday’s grand final at Suncorp Stadium.

In a testament to Luke’s standing at his former club, the Herald can reveal that Crowe personally messaged Luke to perform the honour of ringing the bell he purchased at an auction for $42,000 in 1999.

You’re still the prince of Redfern: Crowe anoints Luke as grand final bell ringer

Decline of a Wandering Brooklynite

Atlanta:Reality show star gets 17 years for PPP fraud and a ponzi scheme

I’m a sucker for spy novels, but when it comes to movies and TV shows, there aren’t many spy stories that I really like. My favourite has always been the BBC adaptation of Smiley’s People from the 1980s. But then I got switched on to The Bureau and we’ve been binge-watching it – we’re now on the last season of five. It’s about the French intelligence services as they’re investigating al-Qaida, or Russia, and it’s very much focused on the bureaucracy of it. I really admire the writing and the acting is absolutely superb. It’s incredibly well done, one of the best TV series I’ve seen, not that I’ve watched much TV.

New Jersey: Man charged with PPP fraud; got $1.3 million

Arkansas woman stole identities of murder victims to get stimulus checks

Texas wedding planner gets 31 months for PPP fraud; got $3.3 million

Maryland: Three arrested for theft of $2.7 million in 16 states

Texas man pleads guilty to $ 1.6 million PPP fraud

1. Malcolm Gladwell on Norm MacDonald.

2. Knausgaard cultural recommendations.

3. Rawls on caste and eugenics.

4. Very good interview with Amia Srinivasan.

5. Callard on the Bergman remake and the nature of marital loneliness (New Yorker).

6. Good Steven van Zandt piece on management, his life, and The Sopranos (FT).  “As Dante became Tony Soprano’s consigliere, “I was able to use my real-life dynamics with Bruce Springsteen as the basis of that relationship. I knew what those dynamics were — the one guy who didn’t want to be the boss, the one guy who he could trust, the one guy who wasn’t afraid of him.””

7. Elena Ferrante talks to Marina Abramovic (FT).

  1. The philosophical life of plants — a website for research and networking on “the ways in which plants and thinking have been interlinked… within philosophy, the history of ideas, botany, the environmental humanities, the cognitive sciences and literary studies”
  2. Sophisticated robots: “Either don’t give them full rights and risk perpetrating grievous moral wrongs against them, or do give them full rights and risk sacrificing real human interests for the sake of empty machines” — a moral dilemma regarding robot rights, from Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside)
  3. Sidney Poitier recites excerpts from Plato over jazz composed and conducted by Fred Katz — Plato’s works in their coolest form (via Ian Olasov)
  4. “Bayesian theories… at best apply to the mind of God” — but you’ve got to model yourself after someone! Also, says Paul Thagard (Waterloo): “Philosophical thought experiments rank no better as a guide to truth than religious texts and Republican tweets”
  5. “The Dean of Faculty once called me into her office to respond to reports that I was discussing problems facing the College with other faculty. Dwell on this for a moment” — reflections on the closure of Yale-NUS and what it was like to be a professor there, from Bryan Van Norden (Vassar)
  6. “I see myself as sometimes just embracing fundamental tensions without trying to offer a perfect synthesis” — Amia Srinivasan (Oxford) in a wide ranging conversation with Tyler Cowen (GMU)
  7. “If any other problem in social life was occurring at this frequency and at this scale, we would consider it effectively solved” — a look at the case for “cancel culture”