Friday, October 22, 2021

The Rise and Rise of People Power: The Unprecedented Need for More & More Local Independents

 One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

~  Plato

Who Are The Passmore Independents?

The Passmore Independents team is a mix of youth and experience, committed to community advocacy and looking to improve Council by adding some diversity to the mix. 

With a wide age demographic, career backgrounds, sporting achievements (or lack thereof ☺) , education and business experience, there is a lot of life’s learnings to bring to Council. Collectively we have over 100 years lived experience in The Shire, and D Ward in particular. 
The Passmore Independents

Why Run?

If you have a Council dominated by the 2 major parties, we’re not sure that the Community is really heard. 

Let’s mix it up with Independents, who’s only interest is Community.  

No barrow to push, no personal agenda’s pursued.  

Do you know how often our current Councillors have to abstain from discussions due to conflicts of interest? Surely it would be better to have people who aren’t absent due to personal conflicts. 

You also may not be aware but during the next term a new Local Environment Plan (LEP) will be pursued. This is key to how The Shire looks and feels. 

At the stroke of a pen (or a compass based on how consultants like to draw circles) you could become very happy or very

Community consultations are usually online – how about Ward specific community engagements, with face to face discussions (Covid-19 safe!), opening the accessibility to all?

The Passmore Independents

“In D Ward (Engadine-Heathcote and adjoining),a family group named The Passmore Independent Team has secured the top spot on the ballot paper ahead of teams led by former mayor Carmelo Pesce (Liberal) and another sitting councillor, Diedree Steinwall (Labor). “

There is a strong feeling of change in many electorates around Australia. The “Voices Of” movement is gathering steam as more than 30 such groups are looking to field candidates at the next local, state and federal elections.

The Voives of independents being heard and aiming high

We need independents to hold the balance of power after the next election

The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

~  Abraham Lincoln