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How to Stop Your Job From Becoming Your Identity

 Just before his major surgery in April, Paul Barratt emailed his friends and colleagues, quoting Captain Lawrence Oates: 

I am just going outside and it may be some time.”

 It is time to celebrate a global tax deal that delivers much for tax justice – and to now move on to other more pressing tax issues that need more attention now

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The OECD global tax deal has been signed by 140 countries and jurisdictions. Some are claiming it represents a sell-out by the OECD and a
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What Is The Solidarity Arts Economy?

Why should culture and economic innovation go together? Because, right now, we have a superstar system in which the winners take all and the rest are left with crumbs. Because, just like art, housing and dignified work are human rights. Because artists are the original gig workers. - Nonprofit...

2020 babies may suffer up to seven times as many extreme heat waves as 1960s kids Science News

Staff infected with COVID-19 at work set to claim $600m

Rise in New Mexico Earthquakes Likely Triggered by Oil Industry Capital & Main

‘Environmental catastrophe’: Massive oil spill fouls beaches, wildlife along Southern California coastDesert Sun

 ‘Hope He Dies:’ The Left Expresses Joy and Happiness After Kavanaugh Tests Positive for COVID

The fallen Star: Sydney’s cleanskin casino caught in ‘dirty’ company

  • by Nick McKenzie and Joel Tozer

Plea Deal with Russian Bank Founder for Tax Perjury Requiring Payment of More than $500 Million

I previously reported on the Indictment of Oleg Tinkov and move to extradite him.  U.S. Taxpayer Renouncing U.S. Citizenship Indicted And Extradition Started (Federal Tax Crimes Blog 5/11/20), here, where I discussed the DOJ press release.  I noted in the blog that the indictment charged two counts of tax perjury, § 7206(1), although, as his overall conduct was described, it seems that there could be other counts as well for which the grand jury could approve a superseding indictment.

Tinkov has now pled to a single count of tax perjury.  DOJ Press release “Founder of Russian Bank Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud: Admits to Concealing More Than $1 Billion in Assets when Renouncing U.S. Citizenship and Agrees to Pay More Than $500 Million Penalty” (10/1/21), here.  I tried to access the plea agreement on PACER (Dkt Entry 25), but the link said, “You do not have permission to view this document.”  I suppose it is under seal.  When it is unsealed, it will be available on PACER (fee required) and, likely soon thereafter, free on CourtListener, here.

Never Mind the Pandora Papers: Why Secrecy Still Rules in the UK

Thanks to poor drafting and a lack of enforcement, anti-secrecy legislation intended to make it clearer who owns UK companies isn’t working

How to Stop Your Job From Becoming Your Identity - The Atlantic

Global prevalence and burden of depressive and anxiety disorders in 204 countries and territories in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic The Lancet

A very important study showing what the #SARS2 pandemic might look like if we don't vaccinate (and boost). Increased IFR?! Wave after wave despite all the previous natural immunity. If this doesn't prove the #SARS2 feed-forward phenomenon, I don't know what does.

I don't know what we would have done if the aerosol scientists hadn't taken to Twitter.Folded hands They did what Florence Nightingale did. Bypass the crotchety "experts" and take the evidence to the public.

Senior Labor Party members doubt the local bona fides of Tu Le, who currently lives in Fowler, grew up next door, and nominated for preselection, but not of Senator Kristina Keneally of Scotland Island, who even as NSW premier never so much as sniffed in this direction before appointing herself as the candidate (“‘Also a parachuter’: Claims that candidate who missed out to Keneally was also a blow-in”)? This laughable attempt to smear Le defies all logic and will only turn off more voters. Angelique Vongsaya, Canley Vale

Keneally’s supporters for the seat of Fowler have questioned the credentials of Tu Le to be the local candidate. But let’s examine the scenario. Tu Le has been a Labor member of various adjoining branches since her university days. She moved into the electorate of Fowler last year because of her engagement. It was well before Chris Hayes announced his intention to not contest the seat. On the other hand, Keneally has not even moved into the area. It is dependent on her winning the seat. In the event of Labor losing the seat because of the kerfuffle, she will stay put on Scotland Island, 43km away. The crux of the matter is Le not only lived in the area but also joined the Fowler branch before Hayes’ announcement to quit. Her move into the electorate was not opportunistic. You can make up your mind about Keneally’s intention to move into Fowler. Thiam Ang, Beecroft

OUT ON A LIMB: Social media is nothing like heroin.

I used to call myself a Twitter addict. It’s the first thing I check each morning and the last thing I look at at night. Yet during a family vacation in August I deleted Twitter from my phone for a week and didn’t check it even once. I didn’t vomit or convulse, as drug addicts tend to do when getting clean. I didn’t stop using because I had hit rock bottom. I wanted to be ‘in the moment’, as the kids say, and Twitter is a time-suck.

What I missed most was consuming a lot of news in a very quick manner — not the takes or the arguments, or the likes and retweets which offer that sweet dopamine hit. I was reading newspapers but I still felt out of touch. My addiction turned out to be an entirely correctable habit. If Twitter was having a negative effect on my life, I could have decided never to return to the app. Or I could return to the app in smaller doses. It’s not heroin, after all.

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Australia has become a go-to destination for dirty money’: Leaks reveal nation’s tax weaknesses