Friday, October 29, 2021

Love: How Leigh Sales & Annabel Crabb created one of the kindest places on the internet

Pope Francis, Martin Scorsese, Jane Goodall and a group of less famous “over 70s” talk to young filmmakers about love in the first episode of a four-part documentary available worldwide on Netflix on Christmas Day.

The episode “Love,” part of the series “Stories of a Generation,” premiered at the Rome Film Festival Oct. 21.

What is love?’ Pope, other elders share stories for Netflix

Berejiklian promised to 'throw money' at Wagga Wagga - blazing star of the southern universe : Better than Usual …

You loved her?’: Maguire tells ICAC child and marriage considered with Berejiklian

Sex, lies and ICAC phone taps The #MeToo era has changed the rules since Monica Lewinsky’s sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, but the combustible combination of sex and politics is still scorching Gladys Berejiklian.

PrivaSeer - PrivaSeer searches over 1.4 million privacy policies is an evolving privacy policy search engine. It aims to make privacy policies transparant, discoverable and searchable. Various faceted search features aim to help users get novel insights into the nature of privacy policies. PrivaSeer can be used to search for privacy policy text or URLs. PrivaSeer currently has over 1.4 million privacy policies indexed and we are always looking to add more. We crawled privacy policies based on URLs obtained from Common Crawl and the Free Company Dataset. We are working to add faceted search features like readability, sector of activity, personal information type etc. These will help users refine their search results. If you have a feature request or just want to tell us that we’re doing something right, write to us on our contact page.”

According to Zucman’s analysis, Musk would pay as much as $50 billion under the tax over its first five years, while Bezos could pay as much as $44 billion.

It could be that at least half of the planned revenue from the policy would have come from ten individuals only. It is looking as if the plan will not be pursued.

Workers' superannuation used to prop up small businesses struggling with cashflow. Should it?

Topless, a Noir Tragicomedy That Anticipated the Scandals of the Present

Washington Post photo essay: “Boji spends his days traveling Istanbul’s subway trains, ferries, buses, and historic trams. His calming presence is infectuous. “Boji sometimes travels 30 kilometers a day. Most days he passes through at least 29 Metro stations and take at least two ferry rides. He has learned how and where to get on and off of trains and ferries. He is A Good Boy…”

Life: Letting Loose At Work: LIFE Goes To An Office Party

Amusing Street Signs Marking Tiny LocationsLaughing Squid

The Man who Translated the Bible into LatinAntigone

Scientists discover tap water produces a protective shield against microplastics PhysOrg So don’t worry, be happy despite: Babies are full of microplastics, new research shows Euronews

Your Most Passionate Employees May Not Be Your Top Performers

  1. “In recent months, and for the first time, I’ve been embarrassed to be a philosopher… Philosophy has a problem and that problem is hubris” — says Stephen Mumford (Durham). Can you guess what prompted this?
  2. Nicholas Cage as various philosophers — from Hane Maung (Manchester)
  3. “The philosopher has to be the bad conscience of his age” — Richard Marshall interviews Friedrich Nietzsche at 3:16AM
  4. “Collaborations with scientists can suffer when the cultural differences between disciplines are not acknowledged and tended” — Michael Paul Nelson (Oregon State) has some advice for scientists and philosophers working with each other
  5. Demographic data about people with philosophy PhDs — results from the recent Academic Placement and Data Analysis project
  6. “Let white students simply think that a Black professor is discriminating against them based upon race and see how quickly the white students are believed” — some black people may have racial prejudices and individual power, but, says George Yancy (Emory), that is different from systemic racism
  7. “That comedy is an important social safety valve and sometimes an epistemically useful window in a democracy also entails that it may be socially dangerous” — Eric Schliesser (Amsterdam) on Chappelle, Srinivasan, Letterman, Trump, Aristophanes, and Socrates

Seven 7 of the Best Sites to Sell Basically Anything - Lifehacker: “Is your closet brimming with stuff you don’t wear anymore? Maybe your shelves are overflowing with knick-knacks that seemed a good idea at the time, but now only trigger an existential crisis? Maybe you just need money, fast (you know why)? Whatever your reason, it’s probably time to simplify your life and sell some stuff online. But where? Long gone are the days when eBay was the only URL you needed to know, and Amazon Marketplace is cut-throat and filled with scammers. Now, it’s better to go niche—and whether you’re selling hand-knitted socks or old video games, there’s a website to help you do it. These are our recommendations for the best options around, based on whatever you’re selling. (But before we get started, it’s worth keeping in mind the universal laws of selling: Take good photos, research the best keywords, and set a realistic price.)…”

Alley Insider: Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Dubs White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki 'One Of The Best Press Secretaries...

How Leigh Sales & Annabel Crabb created one of the kindest places on the internet