Friday, October 08, 2021

If you have worked long enough, chances are you have encountered a bad manager yourself

 If have worked long enough, chances are you have encountered a bad manager yourself. What was it about them that irked you the most — were they unforgiving, critical, demanding, abusive, aggressive, neglectful, grumpy, lousy, or plain inept? Was it their attention-seeking behavior, attitude to blame and insult others, inability to trust, or lack of integrity that caused you the most mental agony? 

1. They Destroy Their Team’s Confidence

9 Signs You May Be a Bad Boss (BB) and Manager

I am tired of reciting all his crimes, misdeeds, and failures. Bad Boss is  a cruel, petty tyrant of an executive who surround himself or herself with similarly terrible people, slobbering sycophants, and operatives who know they could advance their agendas so long as they told him what he wanted to hear.

Bad Boss is the living embodiment of shamelessness. He cannot be shamed. He does not care about people. He does not care about the suffering he causes. He is a catastrophe and he does not care.

“Why do we continue to cling so hard to our work-based identities, in spite of an inner nature that tells us not to work so much?  Teams Lacking Identity  

Exclusive: Queensland police will review fine issued by officer who pursued Sri for allegedly riding his bike through a yellow light

CyberCX chief strategy officer Alastair MacGibbon warns Australia is ‘a decade behind’ in cyber security race

Coutts-Trotter to head Premier’s Department in Perrottet shake-up

Read the bizarre 486-word email the top public servant in NSW wrote after new premier Dominic Perrottet fired him and replaced him with Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek's husband

Michael Coutts-Trotter is married to Tanya Plibersek, a federal MP

Right now, greed is a virtue, and no longer a black or brown sin. That’s creating problems. . .

On Nathan Schneider on the limits of cryptoeconomics Vitalik Buterin. Commentary:
Next in the points I already agreed with is this bit, re intrinsic vs extrinsic incentives. I increasingly think the most important part of "mechanism design" lies in finding ways to anchor mechanisms outside of payoffs, in virtues that can't be bought or sold.

European Investment Scammers Allegedly Laundered Their Money through Scotland

Investigations by European and Ukrainian prosecutors revealed an alleged investment fraud with funds laundered via UK corporate entities

Nobel prize in medicine awarded to US duo for work on sense of touch Guardian

Woman charged for crying during surgery Boing Boing (Re Silc). Includes an image of the bill, with an $11.00 charge for 96127, “Brief Emotion”:

According to a Mentegram article titled, “CPT Code 96127: How to Increase Revenue with This NEW Behavioral or Emotional Assessment” CPT Code 96127 “is a code that may be used to report brief behavioral or emotional assessments for reimbursement” and “may be billed four times for each patient per visit, utilizing four different instruments or assessments. So not only will clinicians have more efficient practices by utilizing these screenings, but they can also use them to build revenue.” The article concludes with “Can you see how this missed income can really add up?”

Alito says recent Supreme Court decisions aren’t the work of ‘a dangerous cabal’ NBC. If you’ve got to say it…

Report Reveals the IMF’s Hidden Fees, and How Desperate Countries Pay the Most In These Times 

My Time With the FBI Counterpunch

What’s inside America’s wallets? Uncle Sam wants to know. President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget plan includes a proposal to let the Internal Revenue Service monitor the bank balances, payments and receivables of individual citizens in an effort to curb tax evasion. It would cover every bank transaction over $600 – and when coupled with an inevitable shift from traditional money to government-issued digital currencies, constitute a glaring, perhaps unconstitutional invasion of personal privacy.

Biden tax crusade puts privacy at risk Reuters

The controversial quest to make cow burps less noxious Ars Technica

Blaze damages historic bridge spanning Tiber River in Rome AP