Monday, October 11, 2021

‘Most Americans Today Believe the Stock Market Is Rigged, and They’re Right’

 B.C. funding caribou extinction through fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks: study The Narwhal

NSW Millions awaken to new freedoms After 106 days

The Neurologist Who Diagnoses PsychosomaticsNautilus

So, naturally, powerful and wealthy figures like Oprah, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama are turned to for “insights into the experiences of Black women,” as the scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor writes for the New Yorker. An Ivy League-educated grandson of white-collar Chinese immigrants, for instance, might be presumed to be able to speak most directly about the plight of underpaid Fuzhounese restaurant workers, or undocumented Filipino immigrants, or deported Korean adoptees. Someone like me, a person with a relative abundance of privilege and platform, is presented with the opportunity to become the face of Asian Americans.


UC Santa Cruz: Scientists Assemble A Biological Clock In A Test Tube To Study How It Works Patch 

Neuroscientists Roll Out First Comprehensive Atlas of Brain Cells ScienceDaily

Biden Tells Japan’s New PM That the US Will Defend Senkaku Islands from China Antiwar. 

The brand – which was founded by an ex-Ford Australia engineer – has secured funding to begin local manufacturing

Wired - Clearview AI Has New Tools to Identify You in Photos – “In an interview with WIRED, CEO Hoan Ton-That said the company has scraped 10 billion photos from the web—and developed new ways to aid police surveillance.

Clearview AI has stoked controversy by scraping the web for photos and applying facial recognition to give police and others an unprecedented ability to peer into our lives. Now the company’s CEO wants to use artificial intelligence to make Clearview’s surveillance tool even more powerful. It may make it more dangerous and error-prone as well. Clearviewhas collected billions of photos from across websites that include FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and uses AI to identify a particular person in images. Police and government agents have used the company’s face database to help identify suspects in photos by tying them to online profiles. The company’s cofounder and CEO, Hoan Ton-That, tells WIRED that Clearview has now collected more than 10 billion images from across the web—more than three times as many as has been previously reported.Ton-That says the larger pool of photos means users, most often law enforcement, are more likely to find a match when searching for someone. He also claims the larger data set makes the company’s tool more accurate. Clearview combined web-crawling techniques, advances in machine learning that have improved facial recognition, and a disregard for personal privacy to create a surprisingly powerful tool…”

NextGov - OMB’s Made in America Website Showcases What Agencies Aren’t Buying Here: “The Office of Management and Budget’s Made in American Office launched a website [October 1, 2021] that fulfills a key aspect of a January executive order from President Joe Biden ordering federal agencies to buy more American-made products. Launched through the General Services Administration, the website——will publish information on proposed waivers and waivers granted to agencies through all Made in America laws. According to an OMB official, the current website is a beta version the administration will use in the coming weeks to troubleshoot various functions and operations while allowing the public and contracting staff to get familiar with it. When fully functional, users will be able to view all waivers submitted by agencies and reviewed by the Made in America Office in real time—including during the pre-solicitation phases of potential procurements—allowing manufacturers, contractors and suppliers to identify opportunities that might otherwise go to foreign competitors…”

The decreasing cost of renewables unlikely to plateau anytime soon Ars Technica

Electric vehicles: the revolution is finally here FT

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The Punctuation Marks Loved (and Hated) by Famous Writers Literary Hub. From May.

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