Sunday, October 31, 2021

Instant gratification in 1948

What we had that day was our story. We didn't have the other bit, the future, and we had no way of knowing what that would be like. Perhaps it would change our memory of al of this, or perhaps it would draw from it, nobody knew. But I'm sure I felt the story of that hall and how we reached it would never vanish.”

There’s this photograph of Violet Carson, who played Sharples. She’s dead now. In the photograph, she’s standing on a balcony over Salford, it tells you everything you need to know about everything. 

I was looking at Barrie. The Nicholson portrait. It’s haunting, actually. I’ve never seen a person more alone. He’s only forty-four. It was painted a dozen years before the tragedies began. 

I spent a tearful moment looking up these images after finishing the book and I think they tell you all you need to know about Mayflies 

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Life: The Sopranos: The Show That Changed Television

Instant gratification in 1948

While on vacation with his family in 1944, Edwin Land’s three-year-old daughter asked him why she couldn’t see the picture he had just taken of her on his camera. Within the same day, the prolific inventor claimed he came up with the camera design, the film, and chemistry that could accomplish his daughter’s wish. It was another three years until he finally realized his vision and presented instant camera film to the public for the first time. Land’s invention was a huge milestone in the history of photography, as it transformed the timely traditional process of the medium into something that took just a matter of minutes. In 1948, the Polaroid Land Model 95 camera was born, bringing this exciting technology to the hands of the consumer. The original model had two separate positive and negative rolls, which enabled the image to be developed inside the camera. Polaroid manufactured just 60 copies of the Land Camera at first, but the company seriously underestimated the demand—all of the units and film sold out in one day.

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Solved by walking - During World War II, around 7000 Allied pilots and soldiers stranded behind enemy lines were smuggled back to the United Kingdom via a secret network of escape routes

The Simpsons Library Instagram accounthas been documenting all of the books, magazines, and other printed matter that has appeared on the long-running sitcom.

Why It’s So Important To Figure Out Who Gets To Own Our Data

Our problem today lies in finding a model of data ownership that recognizes the collective interest we have in how personal data is used, that avoids the profound costs of free-wheeling private exploitation by individual firms, and that does not slip into authoritarian state control. - Boston Review