Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Climate Crisis Will Change the Way We Eat

The Climate Crisis Will Change the Way We Eat

 Vice: “The most compelling images of climate change—cracked, drought-devastated soilraging wildfires, and flash floods—are all persistent reminders that the Earth is tunneling into the danger zone. But climate change is affecting us in more insidious ways, too. It may not feel like it, but our food is already grappling with its effects.  Extreme weather patterns and increasingly frequent natural disasters are affecting crop production and all this spells inevitable changes in the foods and tastes that we have come to know and love. If you want to keep your morning coffee routine, wine nights, and daily rice bowls, here are a few more reasons to care about climate change. Below are some staples that may be irrevocably affected…”

Lessons learned from a year covering fact-checking

Fact-checkers need more staff, more resources, and help against incredible odds fighting malignant falsehoods

65 Things You (Probably) Shouldn’t Pay For

Via the Washington Post article – Consumers’ Checkbook – 65 Things You (Probably) Shouldn’t Pay For – “Let’s face it: We often waste money on stuff we don’t really need. Five-dollar lattes. Top-of-the-line appliances and granite countertops to plate up takeout and microwave frozen meals from Trader Joe’s. Golfing gear. Home theaters. Designer clothes, shoes, and handbags. But there’s a big difference between splurging on luxuries and throwing away money on services and stuff that, while marketed as useful, are bad buys—sometimes really bad. Equally wasteful: Paying for services and products that are worthwhile but that you could get for free. We’re often warning about products, services, and extras that aren’t worth shelling out for, from duct cleaning to lousy insurance plans to tire rotation. Drawing from that advice, what follows is our list of 65 things that aren’t worth the coin. Keep in mind that we didn’t include obvious things like those gadgets advertised on late-night TV and online ads (you know those inventions won’t really change your life, right?). And our undercover shoppers always find that the biggest money waster is failing to shop around…”

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