Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Hospital Hit by Hackers, a Baby in Distress: The Case of the First

 A Hospital Hit by Hackers, a Baby in Distress: The Case of the First

Alleged Ransomware Death: A lawsuit says computer outages from a
cyberattack led staff to miss troubling signs, resulting in the baby’s
death, allegations the hospital denies

Macquarie Health Corporation hit by cyberattack as hackers claim 6700 people affected

Hackers have bragged about posting highly sensitive files to the dark web after an Aussie healthcare firm was hit, potentially affecting thousands of people

UK cyber head says Russia responsible for 'devastating' ransomware attacks

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Long Covid: People Are Risking Their Health Going Back to the Office Rolling Stone 

"However, that’s not the most foolish part of the statement. "While diseases like the flu can definitely generate “complications,” lasting damage for survivors is very rare, while lasting damage from COVID-19 is anything but.

This study shows over a third of those who tested positive for COVID-19 have symptoms months later. Some of these patients were asymptomatic at the time they tested positive for COVID-19, and still developed serious, long-lasting issues weeks later. journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/a

‘The virus has become smarter’: COVID variants causing more severe disease, Canadian study shows National Post. Study: Evaluation of the relative virulence of novel SARS-CoV-2 variants: a retrospective cohort study in Ontario, Canada Canadian Medical Association Journal. GM:

It has been known now for a long time that this is the case, since February-March when there was enough data for B.1.1.7 and after we had observed the second waves in Manaus and South Africa. And then we had people being cremated on sidewalks in India in areas with 50-60% prior seropositivity, which was quite telling. 

But it will not stop people from claiming exactly the opposite. Because vaccines changed the age composition of cases and reduced the frequency of bad outcomes in general, so you look at the UK and the CFR is 0.4% for the last four months while it was >2% prior to that, and thus we declare victory over the virus, which has now supposedly attenuated to a common cold. In reality, if you do a proper age-matched analysis, it turns out the probability of ending up in hospital if you are infected has more than doubled, but hey, why spoil the party with bad news

First death attributed to ransomware

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