Thursday, October 07, 2021

Can WNYC’s Toxic Work Culture Be Cured

  Instead of living up to its vital duties as a local center for news and innovation, under the inept leadership of Audrey Cooper, WNYC has transformed into a Game of Thrones hellscape where rolling heads, constant standoffs, and kangaroo courts are now the norm.

Can WNYC’s Toxic Work Culture Be Cured

Operation Elbrus- Steve Barrett case: Journo writes to A-G Michaelia Cash for help Sydney crime reporter Steve Barrett, who is facing a complex blackmail trial without a lawyer to help him, has written to federal Attorney-General Michaelia Cash for help after he was twice rejected legal aid funding

Operation Elbrus takes down tax fraud group

5th person jailed for organised tax fraud in Operation Elbrus

AFP in tapped criminal phone bungle Criminal trials around Australia may have been compromised by a secret police problem affecting thousands of wire taps.

Australia’s dismal trend in corruption levels

During the pandemic, leaders have urged people to make sacrifices for the common good. But if those pleas come from corrupt leaders, they are less effective. Unfortunately, over the last decade, Australia has worsening corruption. 

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Five climbers die after blizzards on Russia's Mount Elbrus - The Guardian

How do we know the COVID vaccine won’t have long-term side-effects? The Conversation


Two studies tie long COVID-19 to severe initial illness Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy


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Researchers are using gassy, explosive bacteria to destroy cancer cells.