Sunday, October 17, 2021

Heat Dome: Robert Scoble: Now That My Career Is Over

Jeremy Wikeley on Twitter: "The two kinds of poems, according to Gavin Ewart" / Twitter

Jennifer Vines, the health officer, had studied deadly heat waves. She knew the severity of the physiological stress: how the heart works harder to move blood around so that a person can dissipate heat through the skin, the face going red because the blood vessels are open, trying to radiate that heat; how overnight cooling is needed to give the vascular system a break. She warned her colleagues, “People can literally bake in their homes.”

Seventy-Two Hours Under the Heat Dome A chronicle of a slow-motion climate disaster that became one of Oregon’s deadliest calamities.

SKYNET SMILES:  This Bipedal Drone Robot Can Walk, Fly, Skateboard, and Slackline.

Big Data Research: Left And Right Literally Speak Different Languages

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University collected more than 86.6 million comments from more than 6.5 million users on 200,000 YouTube videos, then analyzed them using an AI technique normally employed to translate between two languages. - Wired

Robert Scobled and Naked Conversations

Turning your kitchen into a café is a great way to learn (or hone) the art of making the perfect shot

Book Review: The ‘Mystery’ Illnesses Informed by Culture

Illness may be even less straightforward than you think.

Starvation Diet Doomber

 robert Scoble: Now That My Career Is Over

Now that my career is over…

Reading “The Scarlet Letter: A Romance,”back in high school in the early 1980s I never imagined I’d have to wear a letter of shame on my chest while moving around Silicon Valley (don’t understand? Just Google my name and you’ll see my “Letter A.”)

That book tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an affair and then struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignitysays Wikipedia. Hester’s “Letter A” stood for adultery. 

My “Letter A” stands for that’s, along with abuser and, mostly, asshole. Shame is a heavy thing to bear, for sure. A little heavier than those new Apple headphones. 🙂

Lately, I’ve come to accept that I’m an asshole and that my career is over. 

One part of that acceptance is coming to understand that my shame has given me so many gifts, including a 9,000-mile road trip with my kids and a life that doesn’t include traveling. Now that is gone I see just how hard it was to stay sane on the road. So happy we did that road trip in 2018.

Last year was pretty tough, though. At Christmas Maryam and I remembered all our family and friends we had lost. The year took my dad and one of my best friends, along with five others I used to know. I have a feeling more losses are ahead, as COVID keeps going up exponentially. Yesterday alone America lost 4,500. On top of that I was still learning to deal with my new roles as the kids were home all the time, and Maryam was home for the first time in a number of years too. I am tasked with getting them up most days and onto Zoom school, which is what I call distance learning, since both kids are on Zoom

Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings?

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