Monday, February 26, 2018

Wild West: The rules of engagement

IT’S TWO STUDIES, BUT … Researchers from the University of Kansas say just because you’re on social media in the morning doesn’t mean you are more prone to social isolation. They base this conclusion on two studies on social displacement and social media. Let the debates begin!

Out with the old west, in with the new.
The McGowan government has all the key pieces in place for its sweeping project to rebuild the WA public sector. It claims to have created a new culture across government after just one year in office.
  Norway is worried about winning too much (NYT).  They even offer aid to other countries to compete against them, for fear that otherwise the rest of the world will lose interest in those sports

ATO outsourcing grows by $200 million in five years, contracting ...


Who is Michael McCormack? The life and controversies of Australia's new deputy PM

Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis, and ‘Little’ Joe Dallesandro at Andy Warhol’s Factory in 1971.
Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis and ‘Little’ Joe Dallesandro at Slavic American Andy Warhol’s Factory in 1971

'Bitter disappointment': Union loses appeal on tax office hot desking 

The Dystopian Technologies Being Used to Control Workers

Big companies are surveilling workers more intensively than ever and using that to create high tech sweatshops.

Trump, Turnbull hail '100 years of mateship' between US, Australia

Methodology: How the 2018 Best Countries Were Ranked – “Behind a country’s wealth and success are the policies that create possibilities, the people that drive the effort and the history that shapes the environment and perspective. Globalization has expanded a country’s presence beyond its physical borders, and the 2018 Best Countries rankings seek to understand a nation’s worth beyond hard metrics. The 2018 Best Countries report and rankings are based on how global perceptions define countries in terms of a number of qualitative characteristics, impressions that have the potential to drive trade, travel and investment and directly affect national economies. The report covers perceptions of 80 nations.”

CEDA's EPO is a series of briefings on the Australian economy and politics for the year ahead.

Labor's Chris Bowen: Paul Keating protégé and would-be treasurer ...


Via LLRXLearning from techAnna McGrane, COO of PacerPro, shares her insights on a 200 hour coding program structured to encourage participation in the training and the value of the learning environment. McGrane describes key takeaways from the training that we can borrow and apply in the legal sector.


Claims of money laundering and corruption stain Latvia’s banking system Latvia’s top banking official has been accused of taking a bribe


Inspector General For Intelligence Community Buried Report ...



Joe Hockey: how Australia conquered guns, and why America can't.
"Gun control advocates point to Australia for inspiration in ending gun violence. The Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey, thinks they should stop." 

EU OpenMinted Project Paper – What is text mining, how does it work and why is it useful? “This article will help you understand the basics in just a few minutes. Text mining seeks to extract useful and important information from heterogeneous document formats, such as web pages, emails, social media posts, journal articles, etc. This is often done through identifying patterns within texts, such as trends in words usage, syntactic structure, etc. People often talk about ‘text and data mining (TDM)’ at the same time, but strictly speaking text mining is a specific form of data mining that deals with text…

Most leaders know their strengths — but are oblivious to their weaknesses.
"Everyone has weaknesses, but over the course of administering assessments to tens of thousands of leaders, we have found that most of the time that mild weaknesses do not impact a person’s overall effectiveness. Thus, while leaders usually aren’t aware of their weaknesses, this doesn’t hurt them." (HBR)

ONE BIG EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is just part of it, from Newsweek’s story on its own financial backing, which is under investigation. “As we were reporting this story, Newsweek Media Group fired Newsweek Editor Bob Roe, Executive Editor Ken Li and Senior Politics Reporter Celeste Katz for doing their jobs.”  Also, the Newsweek owners say they want to increase their ties with a small Christian college and a controversial Korean-American pastor.

They Make Skating ‘As Ethereal As Ballet’ – A Dance Critic On French Ice Dancers Papadakis And Cizeron

Gia Kourlas: "To me, no team, gold medal or not, matches the artistry of Ms. Papadakis and Mr. Cizeron. ... Suddenly, a competition is a conduit for more than skating. It's a window into another space and time: eerie, quiet, floating." … Read More 

WHEN ATHLETES TELL THEIR OWN STORIES: The best story on a blockbuster Boston Celtics trade may have come from Isaiah Thomas himself. The Celtics saw him primarily as an asset, he wrote. Yes, HE wrote. The Players Tribune allows the stars to tell their own stories, which are occasionally brilliant. But writer Amos Barshad — and your morning correspondent, who used to edit an occasionally insightful blog by Paul Pierce — ask: Is it journalism?

Olympics 2018: Czech skier steals gold in women's super-G 

Speaking of ranking = Czechs boys and girls love the YHA places Down Under

NSW Environment Minister The Hon Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater with YHA Operations Manager Robert Henke, YHA Ltd Director Dana Ghinzel, and Pittwater YHA Managers, Michael Doherty and Sarah Polomka.

Pittwater YHA Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Youth Hostels in Australia