Monday, February 05, 2018

Commercial in Confidence

DAVID HARSANYI: A Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self. “You might find the solace of continuity in the fact that twelve politicians who are serving in Congress while you’re in high school will still be serving in Congress when your own kids are attending high school. Don’t. During the recent immigration debate, some of these elected officials were compelled to use a ‘talking stick’ — you know, the baton you pass around in kindergarten that gives you the right to speak but no one else — to communicate civilly with one another. Your government has the collective maturity of a 15-year-old boy. You should take no offense at this comparison. As I write this letter the government is trying to figure out how to stop today’s 15-year-olds from eating laundry-detergent pods and killing themselves. So, good work, Gen X. What we’re experiencing today is idiocy contagion, and few are immune.”

Jeffrey A. Brauch (Former Dean, Regent), Three Role Models of Leadership for the Law School Dean, 48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 205 (2017):
This article addresses key leadership traits by examining the lives of successful leaders. It tells the stories of Anwar Sadat, William Wilberforce, and John Winthrop to inspire readers to pursue vision, endurance, and a heart to serve others.

CHRIS BUSKIRK: Worse Than Watergate

No foreign intelligence service could learn anything from the House Republicans’ memo except that the FBI retailed the mercenary inventions of a retired British spook and concealed the provenance of its information. Some may consider it dangerous to expose senior officials of America’s counterintelligence service as political hacks and fools. They needn’t worry. America’s adversaries have been well aware of this for a long time.