Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The core ethics of data analytics

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”—David Allen not of Latitude Fame


Home Affairs portfolio staff to reach 23,000, bosses reveal 


DTA loses cyber security expertise

Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon? Krebs on Security

Anti-drone eagles being trained to serve on Geneva police forceSwissin.ch 

“The 2018 edition of the World’s Most Innovative Companies spans more than 350 enterprises across 36 categories, from the world’s most valuable firm and its continuing transformation of consumer electronics to a small outfit selling natural gum to preserve rainforests. We hope you’re as inspired learning from these businesses as we were in selecting them.” More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of companies (many identified through a new, public submission process) across 36 categories. Their mandate: Identify the most notable innovations of the year, and trace their impact on businesses, industries, and the larger culture. This work led us to create 2018’s Top 50 and sector lists.

Over a decade since passport chips were introduced, Border Patrol still can’t tell if they’ve been tampered with. ↩︎ The Register
The "Ring of Fire" is usually an excuse for journalists not to research a country's particular geologic setting ↩︎ DiscoverIt's been one week since the Parkland shooting, and unlike previous incidents, media coverage remains strong.
↩︎ Vox

Reply All: The Bitcoin Hunter. Is admitting that you bought illegal drugs on Silk Road a thing you can do without the risk of being prosecuted? (B+)


Australia's digital identity platform moves into final beta


Digital Transformation Agency chief Gavin Slater has described the stark differences between the public service and his previous employment at NAB.
Public service a large and complex beast


Former ATO boss Michael Cranston hopes for 'quick resolution' to case The Australian

Mr Cranston, who was once one of the country's most senior tax officials, was issued with a court attendance notice in May last year as his son Adam Michael Cranston was charged over an alleged payroll scheme that defrauded the Commonwealth of $165 million. It's alleged that on two occasions he “used information 

ATO targets cash-only hair and beauty businesses

Message for accountants: Talk to the ATO

The core ethics of data analytics 

What to expect for tax in 2018 - Public Accountant

ATO heavyweights zero in on tech as mixed bag report released ...