Monday, February 26, 2018

In conversation with Dr Simon Longstaff AO of The Ethics Centre

Australia Post chairman John Stanhope sits on six boards and heads five of them. He's convinced that if business wants to win back trust in the community, it must start at the top, with directors and executives. "We sit in boardrooms and we tend to think about, are we doing things right? Which means, are we meeting all the legal obligations we have?" Stanhope says. He vividly recalls being the chief financial officer of Telstra when the company set up companies in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands. It was all perfectly legal of course, but as the companies caught up in the Panama Papers scandal found, it was also a good example of how doing things right does not always mean doing the right thing ( 'Mum Test' is better than the legal test )

Business and community trust: It may be legal but that does not make it right

Tuesday 27 March 2018 - The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: Tear down the tech giants
Speakers: Amanda Brown, John McDuling, Alan Jones and Claire Reilly


10 questions - Simon Longstaff

In conversation with Dr Simon Longstaff AO of The Ethics Centre ...


In an era where bookshops are about as fiscally sound as the Greek economy, it's pleasing to note Dr Simon Longstaff is doing his bit to keep the publishing industry alive.
Books line the entry corridor of his Cremorne home, yet more tomes are tucked away in the living room and they reach the ceiling of the study nook

Ethical: Simon Longstaff at his Cremorne home.
Ethical: Simon Longstaff at his Cremorne home.

At home with Simon Longstaff 


The Tax Office will announce the appointment of an independent "integrity adviser" a day after former executive Michael Cranston was committed to stand trial on two charges of abusing public office."We appointed Dr Simon Longstaff AO as an independent integrity adviser to help reinforce a culture that personifies and values integrity," she said.

"This role focuses on education, support and advice, rather than conformance and governance."

Michael Cranston committed to stand trial, ATO appoints Simon Longstaff 'integrity adviser'


As Socrates said to the redneck


Is taxation ethical and fair? | Acuity


Dr Simon Longstaff Interview - HR & Ethical Leadership - Peoplecorp


Dr Simon Longstaff AO - AANA


Loopholes, lies. The Real Scandal of Barnaby Joyce


Is it ethical to minimise the tax you pay?


Ethicist Simon Longstaff ventures into children's fiction  ...


Taxman Chris Jordan makes his mark


  I owe much to the stimulation I have received over the years from Peter Jennings, Stephen Loosley, Simon Longstaff, Allan Behm and for special reasons I would like to thank one comrade who often made me look good, Ken Brownrigg. Senator Molan's speech – Sky News Australia


Barnaby's Problems Were Personal


Paying for credibility: ‘Don’t you need a logo on it?’
Why do public servants need to use consulting firms so much? And how can you be a skilled buyer of consulting? Senior officials tell their side.

Why designing performance audits is an art, not science
The Mandarin catches up with Margaret Crawford, the NSW Auditor-General, to talk about insights from her own career, international innovation in performance audits and an upcoming gathering of critical thinkers.

Business giants and premiers accompany Turnbull to Washington


ATO to advise Treasury on 'systemic abuse' of work claims

Work-related expense claims reduce personal income tax payable to the government by about $8 billion a year. Former ATO executive Richard Highfield, now an adjunct professor at the University of NSW and working with the ATO on a tax gap analysis for individual taxpayers


'Normal to share': APS boss defends email about Labor senator to IPA