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Konkrit Karol's Eagles vs Patriots - Super Ball Party Wants a Little Parliamentay Latitude 5:55



Get into the spirit and over-indulge yourself in fly eagles fly wings, dogs and burgers 'cause what's more American than that?  [Super Bowl 2018 half-time ads] [ * orgy of prop betting] If Patriots won today a coffee drinker at would have been $1M richer today  ...

Jim with Sue and their three boys threw a great super ball party 

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Calling NFL Games a Taxing Job For Ex-Bengals Receiver Cris Collinsworth

Super Bowl: Philadelphia Eagles stun New England Patriots 41-33

The Philadelphia Eagles have stunned the New England Patriots, scoring a late touchdown to win Super Bowl LII 41-33 in a thriller in  ...

Mercedes' Super Bowl challenge broke the internet

Today is the 59th anniversary immortalized as “The Day the Music Died,” in Don McLean’s song “American Pie.” Lol
After Tom Brady helped the New England Patriots steal the Super Bowl from the clutches of the Atlanta Falcons last year, this year’s game is shaping up to be just as enticing. The underdogs, Philadelphia Eagles, will take on the defending champions at 10.30am on Monday February 5 (our time), and Justin Timberlake will headline the half-time show.

The Complete Guide the American Cech Budweiser - How Budvar became the heart of Czech MEdia Dragon beer culture Ceské Budějovice, or “Budweis” as it's known in English, is the capital of southern Bohemia and lies on the Czech Republic

American Budweiser vs. Czech Budweiser. What is the deal with American Budweiser (which I will refer to as "Bud" from here on out

*Complete Super Ball Rlebook is here  

We are supporting underdogs The Eagles for a number of life threatening reasons such as cyber guru Greg M would track us down anywhere in the world if I barracked for New England and also because there is a patriotic reason as a result of  Czech or more specific Slovak connection  courtesy of Karol aka Charles (Chuck) Bednarik

Super Bowl 2018: Eagles plan to pressure Brady, not let him 'bake pizzas back there'

Bednarik's parents emigrated in 1920 from Široké, ( meaning 'wide' as in Konkrit Karol ) a village in eastern Slovakia, for work, settling in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and working for Bethlehem Steel. Their son Charles was born in 1925. He attended school at SS. Cyril  & Methodius in Bethlehem, which was a Slovak parochial school with Slovak the language of instruction (Chuck Bednarik, Eagles' Man of Concrete, Dies at 89 - The New York Times) Chuck, who, like Jesus, was born in Bethlehem, and rather well aware of the old Slavic saying ' every single day above a ground is a bloody great day '

Super Bowl 52 between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots is set to be played Feb. 4, 2018 (on 5th in Australia). It will take place in a dome just like Super Bowl 51. Most of the Eagles players are built like Chris Jordan, 2 meters tall, who used to play grid iron games in his younger days. 

Circa MMXII -  For The Fourth Straight Year, The Super Bowl Champs Played In The Eagles' Home Opener These prophetic words were written way back in September, before the Eagles' Week 2 home opener at Lincoln Financial Field: "Baltimore Ravens – History Says They'll Win Super Bowl XLVII....It's because the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Eagles' home opener, and for the last three seasons, whoever plays that game against the Eagles wins, and goes on to win the Super Bowl."

Green and silver hold strong meaning for the Philadelphia Eagles. Evolution of the Philadelphia Eagles colors 

Super Bowl 52 will be played in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium, which will have just finished hosting its second Minnesota Vikings season after being built in time for the 2016 NFL season.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced in May of 2014 that Minnesota and its new stadium would host the Super Bowl in 2018. The stadium seats 66,200 but can be expanded to fit up to 70,000 people.
The game will be the first Super Bowl in Minnesota since Super Bowl XXVI, when the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24, on Jan. 26, 1992 at The Metrodome.

A map of America’s allies and enemies, according to a 2017 YouGov survey.

Hey, did you hear that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL, giving way to backup Nick Foles, who hasn't played well over the last two weeks? If not, I'd like to borrow your cave, as it sounds very peaceful.

Super Bowl 2018 - New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles

Why haven't the Philadelphia Eagles ever won a Super Bowl?

Chris Long skipping White House if Eagles win Super Bowl

The hardened Philly fans need to wrap their heads around this warm and fuzzy reality: their Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.
This isn’t hyperbole, hoopla or hot air. The data supports the hype around the league’s only nine-win team. The eyes do too. Anyone blessed with the gift of sight can plainly observe that no NFC team possesses the diverse offensive and defensive weaponry quit like Doug Pederson’s club.
Even when something appears amiss like it did in the first half Sunday night in Jerry’s World, the juggernaut that is these Eagles ultimately crushes its poor opponents. The latest victim was the sad-sack Cowboys, whose quarterback looks like a lost soul wandering in the wilderness without the team’s two best players to prop him up and make him look good.
Remember when the clueless contingent actually believed that Dak Prescott was better than Carson Wentz? I know, I know. I’ll allow you a minute to dry your tears of laughter and re-gain your composure.
Wentz’s eruption in his second season rightfully is on the marquee of this storybook season, but there are plenty of others deserving of winning the best supporting actor.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to Super Bowl LII


Looks Like Lou 

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Where to watch the Super Bowl in Sydney - Time Out


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