Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Everything Easy Is Hard Again - Running Out of Cold Rivers

Exotic dinner with Dr Cope and CL with all kinds of topic discussed

Tax deductions for all news consumers floated to save industry - a Senate committee report, "The Future of Public Interest Journalism", recommended looking into providing a tax deduction for new news media subscriptions.

Deloitte Tech Trends 2018 | Deloitte | Technology - via CCTVs what is John Azarias reading ;-)

Fully Booked: Technology is changing the way we do things .... 

The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water – like Cape Town BBC

Private water payouts are a public scandal, says Labour Guardian

FASTER, PLEASE: Researchers discover efficient and sustainable way to filter salt and metal ions from water.

You Can’t Call Them ‘Russia,’ but You Can Call Them Stylish WSJ

How Americans preserved British English BBC

The Body Trade Reuters

Winter Olympics Live Blog

The Director Of 'Three Billboards' Has Addressed The Film's Biggest Controversy

The Walls Do Not Fall

Queensland electoral commissioner stood down after special executive council meeting 

Former Randwick deputy mayor Brendan Roberts' cancer battle ...

Mr Roberts, 45, a Randwick Liberal councillor and former deputy mayor, endured four weeks of abdominal pain before he saw a GP in October. Told he had stress-induced irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the Maroubra man had five more doctor visits over 18 days — including a blood test and admission to ...

Aristotle vs. the Troika Jacobin

Surveillance Valley The Baffler. The deck: “Why are internet companies like Google in bed with cops and spies?” Why indeed?

Big tech’s bid to control FOIA Columbia Journalism Review

How a Low-Level Apple Employee Leaked Some of the iPhone’s Most Sensitive Code Motherboard

Ending the Amazon Hunger Games Jacobin
Private water payouts are a public scandal, says Labour Guardian
Overseas buyers snap up majority of exclusive London homes FT
This is the $21 billion reason Amazon wants to build its own UPS MarketWatch
One-Man Ministry LRB
Is tech dividing America? Politico

Nationals senator John "Wacka" Williams has backed his scandal-plagued leader, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, but suggested any revelations about misuse of public money could spell trouble for Mr Joyce. Barnaby Joyce in hot water over affair as questions ...

Will Barnaby Joyce resign ... and what about Turnbull

If a thorough investigation into the potential abuse of power and misuse of public funds in the Barnaby Joyce affair isn't undertaken, then both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister should resign, says John Passant.
The uncovered whispers behind some of the latitudional protected spieces and special wardens ... Sixty-four per cent of public servants who said they witnessed corrupt behaviour saw cronyism, 26 per cent reported that they had seen nepotism and 21 per cent reported that they had witnessed 'green-lighting' — making official decisions that improperly favour a person or company or disadvantage ...

Public service corruption: Misuse of government resources doubles in ...


Mastermind behind France's 'heist of the century' on trial in Marseille ...


'Grand pere' gangster stands trial over France's heist of the century ...


 It is patronising and wrong to suppose that our public servants are universally better than those in other countries. Nepotism and cronyism in selection and promotion is one of the hardest forms of corruption to investigate and monitor. Our corruption, though, can take other forms Our costly complacency on corruption 

Rick Montgomery found he had a national story on his hands when he began covering the ICE seizure of a longtime chemistry teacher in Lawrence, Kansas, for deportation. The personal details — Syed A. Jamal, 55, was here for 30 years without incident after overstaying his student visa; he was just leaving his home to take his daughter to school; the agents, as he was handcuffed, threatened to arrest his wife when she asked to say goodbye — helped propel Montgomery’s first-day and followup stories in the Kansas City Star.
The stories have prompted another look at the Trump administration’s new emphasis on deporting people who have not committed crimes since living in the United States.

The threatened deportation of Jamal also prompted a march, a Change.org petition to free him (which has gathered more than 88,000 signatures) and a Nick Kristof column ("President Trump, How is This Man a Danger?").
Late last week, a judge temporarily delayed ICE plans to deport the teacher to his native Bangladesh, but he remains in custody a 940-mile drive away in El Paso, where ICE had transferred him. Here’s Montgomery’s take on the story’s growth — and where the tale may go.