Thursday, February 22, 2018

Certainties in Life

 Billy Graham, world's best-known evangelist, dies

Africa Loses $80billion Annually In Illegal Money Flows Taarifa
Paul Biya, Cameroon’s Roaming President OCCRP
“Biya’s official salary is modest (reportedly just $271 per month, plus bonuses), but he travels and lives abroad in luxury  … According to Cameroonian political scientist Achille Mbembe, nobody really knows what he does on his frequent trips to Geneva …”
Pakistan: Chasing dirty money The News International
Australia – Blind Faith: unlocking the secrets of WestConnex Michael West
“Meanwhile, the Great Vampire Squid, as Goldman Sachs has been famously monikered, has donated large licks of money to both major political parties, and won myriad government contracts besides this, but pays no tax in Australia”
Citizenship by investment programmes ‘threaten international exchange of information’ STEP
We look at the booming business of passports and residency for sale in ourOctober 2017 Taxcast   
MP accuses British overseas territories of undermining US North Korea sanctions The Guardian
U.S. justice department alleges that companies based in British Virgin Islands and Anguilla are linked to a North Korean bank

WHAT YOU DON’T SEE: After the cameras go off, an army of poor, elderly South Koreans clean the Olympic venues, a sign of the nation’s aging workforce and crisis of care for its older people. “Knees. Shoulders. It all hurts,” said one worker, Lee Seon-dae, 68. “I’m too tired to do this.” The Washington Post’s Chico Harlan and Yoonjung Seo report.