Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hollywood and literary agents, take Cold River notes

My life’s stem was cut

My life’s stem was cut,
But quickly, lovingly
I was lifted up,
I heard the rush of the tap
And I was set in water
In the blue vase, beautiful
In lip and curve,
And here I am
Opening one petal
As the tea cools.
I wait while the sun moves
And the bees finish their dancing,
I know I am dying
But why not keep flowering
As long as I can
From my cut stem?

Student fails assignment after professor claims 'Australia is not a country'

What Made Elena Ferrante Into A Writer
     from The Guardian 

Almanac: Anthony Powell on old age
You know growing old’s like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.” Anthony Powell,Temporary Kings ... read more

When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free." 
~ Charles Evans Hughes, Supreme Court Justice
Welcome,” says the Philadelphia Orchestra, “to a season of incomparable reach and breadth.” That’s in a press release they emailed, announcing what they’re doing next season. So, really… like Cold River, incomparable? So good that it can’t be compared ... read more

AT AMAZON, Jozef Imrich's story Cold River: The Cold Truth of Freedom is still at #1,777,777

The thing about writing stories like Cold River is, it is impossible to write silence. It is hard to measure pauses and breaths and the most elusive yet expressive body language... common infliction with all writing ...  

Cold River: The Cold Truth of Freedom: Non Hollywood Version

MEET THE READER: Writing Your First Screenplay by Ray Morton | Script Magazine. Every screenwriting career begins with a first script – with that first time someone who dreams of telling a story on the big screen sits down ...
The first step toward a career in screenwriting begins with making time to write, and the big names below prove ... need to set themselves up for an Oscar is money to pay the bills and time on the side to work on their scripts.
A few years in, she decided to write a film of her own, about a 70th-birthday party gone awry. “I sent the script to my boss and the woman who is now my manager, and I said to them, 'If this is good, I will quit my job.' And they ...

2 Oct. 2015 · MEET THE READER: Writing Your First Screenplay by Ray Morton | Script Magazine. Every screenwriting career begins with a first script – with that first time someone who dreams of telling a story on the big screen sits down ...

Connie Sawyer, Hollywood’s Oldest Working Actress, Dead At 105…
She spent most of her career playing bit parts - something she said she was glad of. Yet that career stretched from opening for vaudeville and radio legend Sophie Tucker, through notable spots in the films A Hole in the Head, True Grit, Dumb and Dumber, and Pineapple Express, to her final TV appearances at age 102. … [Read More]

The Post (non-Hollywood version)

Negotiations are underway on a new union contract at The Washington Post, with newsroom employees changing their avatars (to "WAPO UNION") Tuesday in support of the union and specific items that, in their minds, have not improved during the paper's editorial renaissance under Jeff Bezos' ownership.
A lot of folks are tweeting their feelings, which clearly mix with pride in that editorial turnaround.
Tweeted reporter Ashley Parker: "I started at the Post last Jan. and I cannot overstate how much I love working here. However, during orientation when I learned about the 1% 401K match, I was convinced I'd misheard — and emailed HR to double check. @PostGuild is fighting for that and more this week. #WaPoStrong."
Reporter David Nakamura wrote: "I grew up reading the Post, worked here in college and have been here ever since. It’s part of me and vice versa. I’m also old enough to remember when we had a 4% match and a generous pension I spent more than 20 years accruing before it ended."
Post reporter Monica Hesse wrote: "I love working for the @washingtonpost, and I've been extremely proud of our journalism. However, there's no pension for new hires and we only have a 1% 401K match. The @PostGuild is bargaining for all of us this week. Wish us luck #WaPoStrong."
Here's where you can find all their tweets.

Hollywood and literary agents, take note

The Chicago Sun-Times chronicles how the arrest of El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord, had a lot more to it than that visit from Sean Penn. Indeed, "Authorities have never revealed that the case against the man who some believe was the biggest drug kingpin in the world began with (Christopher) Baines, a mid-level dealer whose father owned a grocery store in Austin and also drove a bus for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority)."
A key source here is Thomas Shakeshaft, a former federal prosecutor intimately involved in the case. "The El Chapo case was the highlight of Shakeshaft’s career as a prosecutor. And it exacted an enormous toll. He says the pressure of keeping witnesses alive while overseeing an international drug investigation drove him to drink and led to a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder."

Here's an early shout-out for your wonderful loyalty

Playwright’s Estate Accuses “Shape Of Water” Studio Of Stealing

David Zindel, son of the Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright Paul Zindel, told the Guardian "he believes his father’s work Let Me Hear You Whisper, a play about a female janitor in a research laboratory who bonds with a captive dolphin and tries to rescue the creature, is a source of inspiration for The Shape of Water. Del Toro’s film was nominated on Tuesday for 13 Oscars, including best picture, best director and best original screenplay." … Read More

An entertaining glimpse from Little Atoms into what it takes to produce the straight-to-DVD, low-budget gangster films that constitute Britain’s “hard-man” movie scene (as exemplified in the trailer above for Bonded by Blood 2).
Most of the films follow a predictable pattern. Set in London or Essex, they simultaneously borrow from and contribute to the bubble of gangster folklore beloved by local hard men in village pubs. Their plots are simple; hackneyed tales of heists and hooligans, tooled-up enforcers, and old-school grandees for whom gentleman is more than just a world on a toilet door.
Bonded by Blood: straight outta Romford Britain's hard man movie scene

Why Art Selling Has Been Slow To Succeed Online

While other industries, such as music and publishing, have been transformed by online retailing, the needle has been slower to move in the art market. … Read More 

 Call Me By Your Name’ Author André Aciman On Watching A Fraught Scene In The Novel Be Filmed

"For me, the message was clear: film cuts and trims with savage brevity, where a shrug or an intercepted glance or a nervous pause between two words can lay bare the heart in ways written prose is far more nuanced and needs more time and space on the page. But the thing is, I couldn't write silence. I couldn't measure pauses and breaths and the most elusive yet expressive body language." … Read More