Thursday, February 22, 2018

To Be or Not To Be A Republic

Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Well socialism is exactly the reverse.
 — Len Deighton, born  in 1929

According to Donald Trump  "Jozef Imrich should stand for President" ;-)

Witnessing the Collapse of the Global Elite - The Atlantic.

What was once a gathering of western national security experts, attended by a few scores of military people, civil servants, scholars, and journalists, has mutated into a policy happening attended by a global mob. And the seeming success of this event—its quantum growth in size, the policy stars it draws, the media attention it receives, its ever-growing sense of self-importance—masks its failure as an institution

Will Intelligent Machines Finally Free Us From Work?

The transformation to robot-led work is at once a threat and an opportunity to both devotees of the free market and socialism. New production technologies threaten to eliminate some jobs and make others more precarious, while delivering higher profits to owners of the means of production. But what if those same technologies could be used to usher in an era of unprecedented mass liberty? … Read More

If Australia had moved to a republic in 1999 with the president elected by a two-thirds majority of both Houses, late Nick Shehadie was on a very short list for nomination. Nick was supported by both sides.

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Nine things you should know about a potential Australian republic

A Refreshing New Look at the Australian Republic Debate | A Democratic Way to Australia's Republic

Time to revive the Republican debate? - Late Night Live - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Rise and Rise of New Feudalism | National Review

Republicanism in Australia ...
BETTER a bossy feudal master than no master at all. That, roughly, is what the voters of Liechtenstein, a tiny principality sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, decided on March 16th when they voted two to one to rejig their constitution to give the ruling prince, Hans-Adam II, more powers than any other European monarch Democratic feudalism | The Economist

Republican movement prepares for a post-Elizabeth debate |

Debate on Republic versus Constitutional Monarchy - Australians for Constitutional Monarchy - Toowoomba Branch
Republic: Australia must debate becoming one in 2018 

Rodney Hilton, Marxism and the transition from feudalism to capitalism - LSE Research Online

  It’s time to revive the republican debate: we cannot keep pushing it off into the future. On Late Night Live, Phillip Adams interviewed historian Benjamin Jones, author of This Time: Australia’s Republican Past and Future.  Writing in the Canberra Times, John Warhurst calls on republicans to assert their case: they “must not be afraid to call out monarchist myths and needless distractions”

The Australia Day barbeque-stopper is the same every year – Paul Daley.  The whispering in our hearts.

Democrats should fight dirty, play dirty, beg, borrow, steal, do whatever it takes. ‘When they go low, we go high’ doesn’t work. Playing nice got us to this point with President Trump
Giulio Romano, The Fall of the Giants (1532-34)
Companies that pay more tax deliver shareholders better returns. Writing in The Conversation Kerrie Sadiq and Bronwyn McCredie report on their research covering ASX200 companies from 2012 to 2017. They found that a higher percentage of tax paid by a corporation correlated with a higher dividend returns and that that share prices were more likely to increase.

TIM HOLLO. Democracy is in crisis. Long live democracy!

The consensus around liberal democracy is collapsing, in Australia and around the world, as citizens are being systematically disenfranchised and disconnected from our democratic role. Unless we radically reinvent and re-embrace much deeper forms of democracy, we stand to lose it altogether. Continue reading