Friday, February 02, 2018

Looking for an Exit Off the the Super Highway

Nik Cubrilovic is known for helping to uncover vulnerabilities within the Federal Government’s MyGov website

'Self-confessed' hacker faces court over alleged theft of 33 GoGet rides

As interesting as the story is, it is useful to put things in perspective by comparing the amount cited here with oh, say, that stolen from investors in the run-up to the GFC via fraudulent mortgage securitizations (figure on the order of $1 trillion or roughly $1 billion per day for 3 years), or the amount stolen from hoi polloi via the subsequent QE and ZIRP regimes by the Fed and transferred to very same crooked bank cartels, or the amount stolen every day by way of civil asset forfeiture, a.k.a. legalized theft by law enforcement. At least the ATM-hacking crooks had to put some actual serious effort and cleverness into the scheme.

Authers Note: #Resistance is broken. Now what? Financial Times. Authers called the credit market turn in June 2007. We made our prediction a few days later in part based on his work, as well as cracks opening in the subprime dike. Ignore him at your peril

Back in 2015, before the presidential primaries began, a voter asked candidate Donald Trump if he believed compromise should be part of politics.

“Compromise is not a bad word to me,” Trump answered. “But if you are going to compromise, ask for about three times more than you want. You understand? So when you compromise, you get what you want.”

How to blog like a boss

Many people blog for a variety of reasons. Some blog to expand their business reach; to be seen as a thought leader within a realm of topics. Some do it as a part-time hobby while others wish to make money fromblogging. Decide on your purpose so that you can understand what's needed to catapult your ...

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How Law Enforcement Can Investigate Bitcoin Related Crimes And ...

It's tough to identify a user from a Bitcoin address. When investigatingcybercrime, prosecutors are looking for ways to isolate and connect a certain IP or MAC address, or an email address, to a particular person. It's harder to do that if someone is using multiple IP addresses, TOR, proxies, etc.

Graduate numbers up for Home Affairs and Defence, down or steady 

While taking on the second largest number of graduates, the tax office also recorded a drop in its graduate intake, with 227 graduates starting in 2018, down ... half of the departments surveyed reported more women than men among their graduate cohorts, with the ATO, Defence, the ABS and Home Affairs ...

SMSFs 'fashionable' to a fault

Buying off-the-plan property is going to get more complicated in July

From July 1, it'll be the buyer's responsibility to ensure the ATO gets paid. “New home buyers and off-the-plan buyers are going to become taxcollectors,” GlobalX chief executive Peter Maloney said. 'New home buyers and off-the-plan buyers are going to become tax collectors,' says GlobalX CEO Peter ...

2018: The era of breach notification and other predictions

As businesses return from the holiday season and prepare to launch into a busy 2018, one thing remains certain, cybercrime will still play a major role in 2018. As Australia prepares to embark on the implementation of the mandatory data breach notification for business in less than a month's time...

US strategy in cybercrime

The United States has made progress in coordinating cybercrimeoperations, however, creating a coherent national strategy for support and deterrence is far from available. As soon as he was elected president of the United States, Barack Obama put information security at the top of his agenda and tried to ...

Symantec CEO: Cybercrime Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

That's the warning from Greg Clark, CEO of Symantec (symc, -2.74%), one of the nation's largest tech companies protecting computer networks from attacks by cyber criminals. Clark tells Fortune he expects more criminalhacks in 2018. “I think we've still got a ways to go before we're a lot safer,” he says.

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Cyber Security and Cryptocurrency: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The S&P 500 gained 20% last year. That's nothing to sneeze at. But the cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin have gained thousands of percent each. Was 2017 an outlier for cryptocurrencies? Was it a short-lived bubble? Not if you look at Bitcoin's price history.
The Criminal Underworld Is Dropping Bitcoin for Another Currency - Bloomberg

Cybercrime Increases As Cryptocurrency Values Rise: Ways Crime ...

Bitcoin has been targeted for government regulation and criminal activity monitoring. This has meant a move by cybercriminals to other, more private crypto-coinage. According to an article by Bloomberg Markets, “Privacy coins such as Monero, designed to avoid tracking, have climbed faster over the past ...

Can’t stop thinking about the fact that a company promised to put fruit and produce on the blockchain (whatever the hell that means), held an ICO, ran away with their investors’ money, and only left the word “penis” on its website.
10:46 AM · Jan 29, 2018

Facebook is banning all ads promoting cryptocurrencies — including bitcoin and ICOs Recode

Former employee Christina Tupu jailed for stealing $340k from Toll and Electrolux 

A GAMBLING addict who stole $341,492 from two employers spent all the money on a luxury lifestyle, even extravagantly shouting 31 relatives on a trip to Samoa.

Using Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrency To Commit Crimes? Law Enforcement Is Onto You - Forbes

Why are cyber-criminals dumping Bitcoin?

Bitcoin fraud triples as criminals target cryptocurrency boo
The rising price of Bitcoin has been met with a surge in cryptocurrency crime as reports of Bitcoin-related fraud tripled in 2017. Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and cybercrime reporting agency, said crimes linked to Bitcoin increased to 999 in 2017, compared to 320 in the previous year. 
Hacking Bitcoin: Why Crypto Exchanges Are Vulnerable to Hacks