Sunday, February 25, 2018

Spying on Oneself

Courtesy of Pavol Wolf and his daughter Klauda of   Vrbov fame  - The East German writer Christa Wolf grew up under state surveillance. Later, in her diaries, she continued a sort of spying on herself...  Cold War River of Spying 

On Sunday, 15. May in the boardroom OcÚ Vrbov ran a photo exhibition, have been involved in competitions for the best photo from the territory of the village Vrbov. The contest ran from 28.12.2015 of 31.03.2016 and overall, it was joined 12 authors from all around.
awards were:
1. Daniel Kiska
2. Marcel Imrich
3. Emília Petričková (historical photos)

Vrbovská zvonica po rekonštruckii roku 2010

Vrbov z lotu ptaka

The Dystopian Technologies Being Used to Control Workers
Martin Martinček
The history of anti-literature: Whether Plato's denouncing literary fantasy or Oscar Wilde's labeling art useless, they are unintentional tributes Everything is futile but We must go on