Friday, August 28, 2020

US-China: is Huawei ‘too big to fail’? Financial Times

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Liberal Party elder and former defence minister Kevin Andrews has launched a savage attack on the Chinese government in a private party forum, saying President Xi Jinping was running "the most complete totalitarian regime that we've seen probably on the face of this earth".

In what are among the most unguarded comments yet about China by an Australian government MP, Mr Andrews, who chairs the human rights sub-committee of Australia's joint standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade, accused the "regime of Xi Jinping" of "trampling on human dignity, on human rights in China".

Senior Liberal MP denounces 'totalitarian' Chinese rule on secret tape

  • By Nick McKenzie and Joel Tozer

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 US-China: is Huawei ‘too big to fail’? Financial Times


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