Monday, August 31, 2020

NSW Treasurer being white-anted

Travels in the Library: Dying makes people do strange things

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms The Register

Facebook, Snapchat and the Dawn of the Post-Truth Era Wired. From 2018, still germane. The author comments

Chinese calculations in the Himalayan clashes with India

…she forced her husband to cancel his planned death…

If ever there was a study in contrasts on how to lose a glittering TV career, it has been in the respective departures of the ABC's Emma Alberici and Seven's Melissa Doyle from our screens.

The embers are still smoking around the bridges Alberici burned down on her way out of the ABC after her messy exit from the national broadcaster was finalised, just as Doyle was praising her bosses when her 25-year career at Seven came to an end.

Emma Alberici and Melissa Doyle - Lawsuits and tweets: A tale of two very different TV exits

Premier Berejiklian on the ropes

When the Premier cannot rely on the unanimous support of her Cabinet to oppose lifting the ban on uranium mining, or she accepts a rotten compromise to save her skin, such a government has run out of steam and its end is nigh.  Continue reading 

NSW Treasurer being white-anted

Two weeks ago Dominic Perrottet was set to take an elevator ride to the Premiership. Now he’s assailed on all sides by the icare workers’ compensation scandal. Continue reading 

Privatisation – who’s it good for?

Privatisation is one of those terms which politicians avoid using. That is because the public does not like the idea, or its outcomes. It can be used in a number of ways, but most of us regard it as meaning “selling off a publicly owned asset, usually to the detriment of good government”.  Continue reading 

As Bezos’ Net Worth Tops $200B, Luxury Is Next Stop For Amazon Safe Haven. Misfire in the making. Amazon cheapened Whole Foods, and can’t even figure out how to buy decent fish. 

Small-time scams are dissolving America from the inside The Week. Resilc: “Great link. I have a friend who is a foreign service financial officer, there is an uptick of petty financial irregularities with career people too in last few years “

Raising orphaned baby wombats under lockdownNational Geographic

Fed’s new inflation goal lifts stocks and dents bondsFT

Bank Capital in a Public Health Crisis: Reflecting on Twin Challenges Regulation Asia

Past world economic production constrains current energy demands: Persistent scaling with implications for economic growth and climate change mitigation PLOS One

Tax, economics, audit and accounting are all intimately theoretically related – but almost no one seems to notice Tax Research UK