Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Over Time

 In the face of tyranny, most join the oppressors or remain silent. A few resist. This is the story of Berlin's intellectuals Berlin Babylon  

Over time, “various forms of hostility, exclusion, silencing, and devaluation multiplied,” yet “the idea that this was a pattern of mistreatment based on gender became less and less accessible to my colleagues” — Brook Sadler (South Florida) sees how her own story fits with a recent philosophical account of misogyny

Secret allegations and unknown accusers: a philosophy professor describes what it was like to be the target of Title IX investigation — Robert Frodeman, who was cleared of a Title IX sexual harassment complaint but fired for having been found to have violated his university’s relationship policy, tells his story

“Graduate school should be the place where you can develop a skill set… that is tailored to you and that will serve you well, but that are general enough that they will be useful in a wide range of contexts” — How one philosophy professor will be welcoming new graduate students in her department this year

“Bacon, eggs, oatmeal… we simply have no convincing theory to explain how such disparate, seemingly inert components give rise to the phenomenon we subjectively experience as ‘breakfast'” — Jonathan Bines explains the “Hard Problem of Breakfast”

Moral enhancement as an alternative to vaccines — we should consider pharmaceuticals that boost “the brain’s ability to cooperate with others”, says Parker Crutchfield (Western Michigan)

The harm of testimonial injustice — a discussion at PEA Soup

People should get vaccinated for COVID-19 when it’s possible to do so. Should it be illegal for them to refuse? — an argument from David Copp and Gerald Dworkin (UC Davis)

China drought, heavy rains spark concern over grain supply as Xi Jinping launches campaign against food waste SCMP


China Feasts on Obscure Oil to Dodge Taxman Amid Demand Gain Bloomberg


Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests 


On being continually doxxed, defamed and harassed by Communist Party allies Hong Kong Free Press


There’s No Cold War With China Foreign Policy

The role of a Christian at the collapse of the first American Republic Alice Marshall. “Bernie Sanders thinks that we need a political revolution. I think that we are going to get one whether we want one or not.”


How Government Is Turning into AlgoracyTribune

Rapid Testing Is the New Velvet Rope NYT. “While most of the country waits seven to 14 days for coronavirus test results, a privileged few have access to rapid tests.” Shocking. I mean, this is America, man.

Dreams and Nightmares of the World’s Middle Classes New Left Review


Op-Ed: How the pandemic divided California in two Los Angeles Times


With Rolling Blackouts, California Power Grids Strained Amid Worst Heat Wave in 70 Years Time

New podcast on (serious) natural philosophy

Laos fact of the day

 “Her TikTok account as of August 2020 has over 78 million followers.”  Link here, can you name her?

Thread on the basics of herd immunity claims.  And the NYT covers herd immunity.  A very good piece in fact.  Semi-herd immunity says I, or “imperfect immunity” to use the terminology of the article.  And you will note the extreme epistemological conservatism emanating from the mainstream experts interviewed.  Appropriate in some ways, not in others

Was Winky Dink the first interactive TV show?

 “They promised us driverless cars, and all northern Virginia got was this 15 mph one-route public transit shuttle.

WSJ review of new Bruno Macaes book on America.  The predictions of the book are holding up very well so far!