Friday, August 28, 2020


Engineer amazing digital experiences.

Business leaders need to stop thinking about “digital” as a distribution channel. Having a great digital experience for clients is the equivalent of saying that humans need air to breathe. Eventually, every business will need an amazing digital experience to survive. - Andres Garcia-Amaya, Zoe Financial


21 working-from-home tips to keep you focused

DOING TIME? Is working from home starting to feel like a chore as opposed to a treat? Here’s some advice for making it bearable.



Create a culture of learning and trust.

Adapting quickly in this changing economy is a function of corporate culture. Creating a culture of learning and trust has paid big dividends for companies that pivoted early. Malleability only comes when you have a culture of trust. You can’t maintain liquidity if your employees don’t understand the “why” behind your requests. It all comes down to building a trusting organization. - Dr. Betty™ Uribe, Effectus Enterprises, LLC dba Dr. Betty Uribe


Hundreds of consultants have been sacked by the Australian operations of tech giant Accenture, with more job losses coming because of the ...

Bloomberg, Billionaire Robert Smith Fighting U.S. Criminal Tax Inquiry:

When billionaire Robert Smith ended his 2019 Morehouse College commencement speech by vowing to pay off student debt for the entire graduating class, cheers of “MVP, MVP, MVP!” rose from students and faculty on the Atlanta campus.

What the audience didn’t know was that Smith was harboring a financial secret. He was being pursued by Justice Department prosecutors and Internal Revenue Service agents for potential tax crimes, according to four people familiar with the matter.


6G will be 100 times faster than 5G — and now there’s a chip for it

WHOOOSH! The data was transmitted at a rate of 11 gigabits/s, topping 5G’s theoretical maximum speed of 10 gigabits/s, and that’s fast enough to download 142 hours of Netflix p/s.

Poynter – Automated fact-checking can catch claims that slip past human checkers. Here are the two ways they work. They either verify claims by validating them against an authoritative source or article, or use a computing technique called stance detection. “From false claims that drinking warm water with lemon protects against the coronavirus to high contamination rates among NATO troops based in Latvia, the pandemic has been ripe for many kinds of hoaxes and disinformation campaigns. Between January and March, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism noticed that the number of fact-checks rose by 900%, which probably means an even higher increase in fake news occurrences since many of them likely slipped through the net. Although media literacy is essential to turning the tide, the use of automation and algorithms could help conduct fact-checking efforts at scale. In his 2018 report, Lucas Graves essentially identified two types of automated fact-checking: fact-checks that verify claims by validating them against an authoritative source or a story that had already been verified, and fact-checks that rely on “secondary signals” such as stance detection — a computing technique that determines whether a piece of text agrees or disagrees with a claim. Here is an overview of journalistic uses and research projects looking at both aspects…”

Opinion: branch stacking isn’t just about corruption — it’s a symptom of an outdated, withering party system

A PROBLEM OF OUR OWN MAKING: All of the suggested alternatives involve trade-offs, but each would change a current structure that encourages recruitment of professionalised politicians.

Dear Labor

Has anyone among your parliamentary cohort noticed that neoliberalism is a failure? Has it occurred to anyone that promoting selfishness and making people insecure is a recipe for people to turn on each other and shred the social fabric? Does anyone think it might be time to stop being Liberal-lite? Time to champion the battlers and stop pandering to the fat cats? Time for a Labor party to remember why it was founded?

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re human.  (Unless you’re a minotaur, of course. This blog doesn’t discriminate on your percentage of human DNA. Like the owner could throw stones and all.)

SO WHAT IS IT?  The Nature of Humans.