Friday, August 28, 2020

Pearl Beach: The art of grabbing headlines

What a balmy Friday at the Coast and Pearl Beach 🏝 

Over coffee we were shown a story re House of Harwin

How big government and big companies erect communications barriers

We can’t communicate with the entity except on terms dictated to us, and those terms are often weighted against us.  This trend is so universal it must be deliberate.  It surely increases disillusionment and even anger.

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In a world mired in misinformation and populated by politicians who don't seem to care if they are caught lying, researchers have shed light on the brain activity underlying deception.

It all depends on what kind of person is doing the cheating.

New research from the Rotterdam School of Management claims to show that the neurocognitive processes for cheating differs between people who are usually honest and those who are less so.

Participants in the study were cocooned in an MRI scanner and asked to perform a series of cognitive tests. Not the kind Donald Trump felt the need to tell the world about, but a spot-the-difference trial.

The truth is, honest people need willpower to cheat, while cheaters need it to be honest

You can't trust anyone: Researchers had to lie to participants to get result



Huawei mobile mast installed next to secret MI5 data centre in London has 7 years to do whatever it is Huawei does Which is, y'know, telecoms stuff

A Huawei phone mast is to be installed next to a secret MI5 data centre, despite government directives to strip the Chinese company's equipment from UK mobile networks in the next seven years.

The mobile mast is to be built at a West London location across the road from a Security Service bit barn – no more than 30 yards away – and the base station powering the mast is made by Huawei.

News of the eye-popping erection was broken by the excellent Secret Bases website, whose author, Alan Turnbull, described the new mast's location as "astonishing".

Been having trouble concentrating at work recently? It need not be an isolating guilty secret - it’s actually common for many people in lockdown. 


The art of grabbing headlines

NSW Police Minister and former CEO of the Australian Hotels Association (NSW), David Elliott, is a master at getting his name in the media.  Today he is attempting to use the same formula to support his ambition to become Premier. Why isn’t it working?Continue reading 

Rainbow lily

Are the ‘big four’ accounting firms above the law?

In 2004, the federal parliament passed the Age Discrimination Act, making age discrimination in employment, education and the provision of goods and services unlawful. But the major accounting firms seem to think it doesn’t apply to them. Continue reading 

S.G. CHEAH:  Why Marxists Frequently Target Women As Their Strategy For Spreading Communism.