Friday, August 21, 2020

Remote workers want to re-create those watercooler moments, virtually

How Newsweek Became A Zombie Magazine

These controversies hollowed out Newsweek’s staff and its brand. Its clickbait-heavy approach, aimed at gaming search engines, has declined since it was spun off from parent company IBT Media in 2018. But it remains a publication that privileges the interests of Google over those of its hypothetical readers. While other publications are abandoning the “scale” model pioneered by BuzzFeed and others in favor of building a loyal audience and raking in subscriptions, Newsweek is something of a throwback. – The New Republic



 NASA official may face criminal investigation for contact with Boeing Ars Technica

CyberCom scrambles after lieutenant accidentally deletes Alaska DuffelBlog

Markets in everything: underground gyms

Pandit Jasraj has passed away, here is some music

Lacrosse play has to some extent continued (NYT)

How the Chinese CDC failed.

Remote workers want to re-create those watercooler moments, virtually MIT Technology Review

How Tipu Sultan and Haidar Ali inspired America’s founding fathers in their quest for freedom Scroll Not something I learned in my high school history books.

Assault on the Rainforest Continues in the Shadow of the Pandemic Der Spiegel