Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Judge Less Interested In Negotiating Than College Admissions Fraudsters

You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.

Facebook abandons broken drilling equipment under Oregon coast seafloor OregonLive 

Tax in Sitcoms: A Very Special Episode: via Zelenak aka Green 

Tax-related sitcoms

On February 14, the Indiana University Maurer School of Law’s Tax Policy Colloquium hosted Larry Zelenak from Duke University School of Law. Larry presented his fun new paper, co-authored with his colleague Rich Schmalbeck, “The NCAA and the IRS: Life at the Intersection of College Sports and the Federal Income Tax.” Larry really hit this one out of the park, with a crowd that was nearly standing-room-only! Larry also hosted a terrific Valentine’s evening event, “Tax Sitcom Night,” featuring three classic sitcom episodes in which couples encounter the federal income tax together. I’ll discuss each of these briefly in this blog post.

Forest Fires Are Setting Chernobyl’s Radiation FreeAtlantic 

One of the more delightful twists in the glorious Varsity Blues college admissions scandal involved former hedge fund manager Manuel Henriquez. Having already spent $425,000 to get his eldest daughter into Georgetown through cheating, forgery and bribery, he wasn’t eager to do it again for his younger daughter. So when scheme mastermind Rick Singer told him it would take $75,000 to make her test scores respectable enough, Henriquez countered that he’d help Singer get someone else’s kid illegitimately into Northeastern University—where he just happened to be a former member of the governing body—for a $50,000 discount

Washington Post – “…[using a] Farberware multifunction pressure cooker that cost about $50…in a recently published study, Professors Thanh H. Nguyen and Vishal Verma detailed how the dry heat produced by such electric cookers (rice cookers or multicookers such as Instant Pots) may be an effective way of decontaminating medical-grade N95 masks

Judge Less Interested In Negotiating Than College Admissions Fraudsters

NiemanLab – During a pandemic, that’s dangerous – Data voids on social networks are spreading misinformation and causing real world harm. Here are some ideas on how to fix the problem. “We are especially vulnerable when we want to know something — such as how to treat Covid-19 — but no credible information exists. At the beginning of the pandemic, confusion about symptoms, causes, and treatments reigned. Viral posts claimed a runny nose was not a sign of the disease, or that garlic, alcohol, or sunlight were good preventative measures.


How to Survive Bear Attack Run as My Sister Gitka Did in Pilhov or Read this ... 


Judge Salas’s Heartbreaking Statement Following Murder Of Her Son

She calls for increases privacy protections for federal judges.

Searching for Misha: the life and tragedies of the world’s most famous polar bear

Arbitrage with stolen books?