Monday, August 24, 2020

Even a Few Hours of Paid Work a Week Can Greatly Improve Mental Health

 Even a Few Hours of Paid Work a Week Can Greatly Improve Mental Health Brink

New York Times, Trump Is Not Entitled to Details of Tax Returns Inquiry, D.A. Says:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said on Friday that President Trump was not entitled to learn more about the scope of its criminal investigation into his business dealings, rejecting Mr. Trump’s latest effort to block a subpoena for his tax returns.


'Nothing adds up': Sydney tycoon's mystery $200m confounds ...


Eighth Circuit Holds that Marinello Pending Proceeding Nexus in § 7212(a) Does Not Apply to Defraud / Klein Conspiracy (8/17/20)

In United States v. Flynn , ___ F.3d ___ (8th Cir. No. 19-1263 8/13/20), here , the Court opens as follows: Scott Phillip Flynn pleaded guil...

'Distressed' ABC presenter Emma Alberici quits TV over censorship claims

Public servants feel safer to report misconduct while working from home, according to head of whistleblowing service

Germany Begins Universal Basic Income Trial With People Getting $1,400 a Month For 3 Years Business Insider

CEO compensation surged 14% in 2019 to $21.3 million: CEOs now earn 320 times as much as a typical worker Economic Policy Institute

Barack Obama is finally ready to jail rich people for their crimes The Week. How convenient that he has come around now.

The Black Death Was The Worst Pandemic In Human History, So How Did It Finally End? All That Is Interesting 

Why Civilizations Collapse The Side View

Into the unknown: virus hunters and their quest to stop the next pandemic South China Morning Post 

China cautious on hitting back at US companies after Huawei sanctions Financial Times

Kudlow says Trump wants to ‘deny China’ some of the proceeds of a TikTok sale CNBC

Tim Wu: A TikTok Ban Is Overdue New York Times