Sunday, August 30, 2020

Agatha Christie — the Nostradamus of the year 2020

Agatha Christie — the Nostradamus of the year 2020. 

       Literature in ... Lesotho 

       In The Post Tšepiso S. Mothibi writes about A fading literature in Lesotho. 
       Mothibi finds:

The river that sustained the literature has now dried up and there is a clear lack in establishing new avenues in literary writing. The topics explored have been exhausted to the point where they actually taste like over-chewed gum; limited in flavour and lacking all the suspense needed to have the reader yearning for the next page. There is need therefore for the literary field to find new themes to explore if w

 Ned Kelly Awards shortlists 

       The Australian Crime Writers Association has announcedthe shortlists for this year's Ned Kelly Awards. 
       In three categories -- Best Crime Fiction, Debut Crime Fiction, and True Crime -- they're honoring Australian writing, but for the first time they've added a category for International Crime Fiction (published in Australia); regrettably, all four finalists in this category are English-language works. 

 They've announced the shortlist for this year's Nagroda Literacka „Nike”, the leading Polish book prize; outrageously and ridiculously the official site forwards to the Wyborcza-site, where the relevant information-articles, including the one listing the seven shortlisted titles, are ... paywalled, so you have to resort to outside sources -- so see, for example, the overview
       Helpfully, at least, Portia Kentish does offer a quite extensive overview at Emerging Europe, with A closer look at the Nike Literature Award's seven finalists 
       The winner of the 100,000 zł. prize will be announced 4 October.