Tuesday, October 05, 2021

The voices of independents being heard and aiming high


Wine is a passport to the world.

~ Border guards and Media Dragons 

The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites.'

 - Larry Hardiman

The voices of independents being heard and aiming high

There is a strong feeling of change in many electorates around Australia. The “Voices Of” movement is gathering steam as more than 30 such groups are looking to field candidates at the next federal election. 

Lesson From The Tax Court: The Many Rooms Of Tax Court Power

Alleged fraudster Papas faces criminal charges - if anyone can find him

  • by Sarah Danckert

Australian Universities Are Finance Investors With a Side Hustle in Education Jacobin


“We know lots of people have picked up a side hustle during the pandemic.

How do I know if what I do is a hobby or a business? There’s no one qualifier on determining if you’re a businessBut, if you approach your venture in a business-like manner – for example, you make or do things in order to make a profit, advertise your services/wares, have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and believe your hustle is going to grow over time – you’re probably running a business. The ATO has a more detailed breakdown for online sellers (as well as a nifty quiz), which night help you determine whether you’ve got a business or a hobby on your hands. 

Is there a financial reason to turn my hobby into a business? The main benefit is that you can claim tax deductions on business expenses (and therefore potentially pay less tax). You can also register for a .com.au domain and get access to government concessions for businesses.

I just dont want to be busy anymore | by Elena Salaks | Sep, 2021 | Medium

Somethings Weird Is Happening on Facebook Political Orphans

HOWIE CARR:  Abolish the FBI: You heard it here first.

I saw a headline this week in The Wall Street Journal that made my day: “Abolish the FBI.”

The reason I was so pleased was because above my column in this newspaper on Jan. 24, 2018, was this headline: “Scandal-ridden FBI must be abolished.”

Is there an echo in here?

All I can say is, what took everybody else so long to realize how rotten to the core the Famous But Incompetent G-men have become, and actually have been for more than half a century now?

As the Journal noted, the FBI’s last sustained good “run of publicity … came more than 50 years ago thanks to Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and his weekly show on ABC, “The FBI,” which went off the air in 1974.

Even by dismal modern FBI standards, though, the news just keeps getting worse and worse.

Last week, one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers was indicted by Russian collusion hoax Special Counsel John Durham. The Democrat operative was charged with lying to a James Comey briefer about one of the largely forgotten lies in the Russian hoax — Alfa Bank’s “secret servers,” which of course didn’t exist except in the fevered imaginations of far-left Democrats and their stenographers in the media.

Durham has been taking his own sweet time bringing these corrupt Deep State bad actors to justice, but better late than never. He knows a lot about how deep the corruption runs. He first brought down Whitey’s FBI hitman, Zip Connolly.

This latest indictment came only days before the five-year statute of limitations ran out.

Five years! It took that long to bring a single one of these bent Democrats before the bar of justice. But then, in this case, as in so many others involving the FBI, the cops are the actual criminals.

The joke in this latest bust is that obviously the FBI knew that Hillary’s lawyer was lying when he told the agent that he was peddling his ludicrously false stories.

Maybe not, though. They’re not making special agents like Inspector Lew Erskine anymore.

Durham’s indictment happened the same week that a newly declassified court rulings showed that the FBI had 100% lied during its illegal investigation into Trump aide Carter Page.

In the FBI’s botched frame-up of Page, one FBI lawyer has already been convicted of obstructing justice, although his punishment scarcely rose to the level of a slap on the wrist.