Friday, May 26, 2017

IMRICH LIST 2017: Your Addiction to Social MEdia Dragon Is No Accident

Explore the 33nd edition of the BRW Rich 200 list, featuring the wealthiest Australians and how they earned their fortune.

IMRICH List 2017: the 15 names on every list since Orwell's 1984

Sydney's ultra-wealthy make their move on Berry's prestige market

Malta tax haven in the spotlight – The European Panama

Tim Wu, Professor at Columbia Law School discusses the basic biology behind social media attachment. Highlighting the psychological impulses based on the element of surprise, not knowing what’s going to happen next as well as the gratification involved with sharing and having posts ‘liked’.
 This is a riveting biological and psychological assessment which is important to understand in the smartphone age. Czech out full Transcript

I Used to Be a Human Being

Social media began as sheer pleasure, but now it's become a chore

My texter's neck will be of no surprise to you. ... The addictive features ofsocial media are not an accident, but the results of painstaking effort by ...

CNN 10 - Addiction We Love to Hate ---- May 24, 2017 

Your Addiction to Social Media Is No Accident Vice