Monday, May 08, 2017

Mark Latham: Whitlam's Researcher Bob Carr's Chief of Stagf

'Brian Trumbull' the latest butchering of Malcolm Turnbull's name during US visit with Trump
Malcolm Turnbull has been wrongly identified as "Australian Prime Minister Brian Trumbull" in a monumental gaffe by venerable news agency Reuters.

L o v e him or run a mile from Mark, he does have a knack for getting Media attention ...

Story image for latham from The AustralianMark Latham joins David Leyonhjelm's Liberal Democrat party

Recently I attended the Liberty Conference in Sydney, a wonderful forum supporting freedom of speech and opposing PC, social engineering and cultural Marxism. Debate and ideas flourished, unlike today's Labor Party, which has barred me from speaking at membership events in Western Sydney (via Sussex Street Stalinist Rose Jackson). I support 80-90 percent of the Liberal Democrats platform, pretty good for someone with strong views formed over a long period of time. Plus, as a party of freedom, the Liberal Democrats allow room for dissent and diversity of opinion (Shorten Labor is only interested in diversity of skin colour, gender and sexuality - Safe Schools BS).
So I have joined up and want to play a role in fighting for our national values, based on personal freedom and responsibility.
I will be on The Bolt Report tonight at 7pm talking about this decision, and the wrongness of Dastyari/Shorten Labor. I wouldn't normally be on that channel but Andrew Bolt has been a great champion of freedom of speech, including mine. We trust you, THE PEOPLE, to listen to various views and make up your own mind about political issues!! It's called DEMOCRACY!!