Monday, May 15, 2017

Imposters : Crime Pays

Seeing the esnik vorld (sic):

“You know what your problem is, kid? Too much Internet and not enough legwork. A Crime reporter is made in the street. How many times have you hidden behind a tree to watch something…Called a witness to a crime or a victim’s relation posing as Chief Inspector Bloggins?…Get out in the street, learn to assimilate: you have to be the thief, the murderer, the victim, the accomplice, whatever it takes to be inside their heads.”—Jaime Brena, veteran reporter, to “the Crime boy,” new recruit. 

… and police are on their way to your house to arrest you

$300 million lost in online scams in Australia

Though the Friday hack and data dump have dominated the spotlight, the alleged tax leak is in fact part of the bigger and quite troubling picture of leaks in the modern cyber environment . . .

Macron and the Potential Future of Tax Leaks

Could Cryptocurrencies be the Ultimate Tax Haven?

Trump lawyer admits tax returns show some income from Russian sources

Indian Biometric System Data leaked; over 130 M people could be affected Hackread 

Russian-linked cyber gang may be behind to global hack

A mysterious cyber gang with links to Russia has been blamed for an unprecedented global computer security attack that crippled thousands of agencies on ...

The Shadow Brokers ...

Why Bitcoin's Price Has Been Surging and Where It Could Go From Here ...

Inside an $800k tow truck sting

MOTORISTS at a private inner-city carpark were spied on and trailed by “spotters” paid hundreds of dollars a week to covertly tip-off an awaiting tow truck in a scheme raking in $10,000 a night.

Keating on the end of market liberalism

Among the 29 people to hold the office of Prime Minister in Australia, Paul Keating is probably the one with the sharpest intellect[1]. So, his abandonment of market liberalism is worth noting.

Tony Poulakis Tax Crime Studies

George R. R. Martin Does *Not* Need To Finish Writing The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Books, Thank You

Since HBO’s Game of Thrones started in 2011, Martin has finished only one more book in the series of novels on which the series is based, and the TV scripts have now outrun the storylines Martin himself created. Fans are not happy: “The internet’s favorite joke since around 2012 has been to yell at Martin whenever he’s found to be doing something other than furiously typing. The animating theory of the joke is that it’s his duty – his imperative – to finish the story he began. Guess what? It’s not.”

I HAD HIM IN TWO CLASSES. HE WAS AN EXCELLENT STUDENT AND A GREAT ROLE MODEL FOR OTHERS: At 73, Tom Winston finishes law school and encourages others to keep learning

WHEN FAKE NEWS TURNS OUT OKAY: Journalists Accidentally Confuse A 63-Year-Old Teacher With A Fashion Icon And It Ends Up Changing Her Life.