Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Figures

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Mother’s Day was created when, in 1908, Anna Jarvis invented the holiday as a gesture to honor her own mother. Her idea caught on quickly: By 1914, in large part because of a campaign Jarvis waged to have her celebration of motherhood more widely recognized, Congress gave the day status as an official national holiday. Companies, as they do, did their part to further institutionalize Mother’s Day, marketing flowers and candies and greeting cards as the proper ways to celebrate Mom When Mother's Day Is 'Empowering

And it is the compassionate mothers who are too often passed over. They are the ones who taught us to trust, who made us feel like we belonged and counselled empathy towards others.
Three things I learnt from having a compassionate mum

… Informal Inquiries: Edmund Wilson: 
"no two persons ever read the same book"

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