Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Banshee of Phoenixing et al

"Gural: An old man’s mind is a mountain, each memory a milk-washed bell. It’s true, God holds the future, which is uncertain and unknown, so let him hold it. But the old man holds the past…No god can summon it before him and rearrange it at his will…[To] an old man, a day from fifty years back [is] as loud as another not even a fortnight old. And so the gods grow jealous of the old man. They hold the Cup of Lethe to his lips. His feet grow weak…and gone is the old man’s strength to ring the bells.”

—Grandfather to the youth. Miroslav Penkov–STORK MOUNTAIN

Ad hoc Headlines
Tax fraud accused Jay Onley a regular referrer to Sydney liquidators - Sydney Insolvency News

'I was just a guinea pig to them': single mum reveals recruitment to fraud racket | The Scone Advocate

IdentisearchCourt documents reveal that the Law Society of NSW has been trying for years to get Mr Dev Menon, Clamenz partner Daniel Clarke and another colleague, Peter Webb, struck off for misconduct. On 10 occasions, the Roads and Traffic Authority handed over rego details on the strict condition that they were to be used in legal proceedings related to car accidents.
However, none of the cars had been involved in accidents. The trio instead passed the details on to a debt recovery company Identisearch, the Law Society claimed.

They said the investigation was irrational and illogical and "so unreasonable that no reasonable decision maker could have made it".
Lawyer linked to tax-fraud scam also accused over car rego scheme

Not a new scam

Mr Gleeson said "the current scam regrettably is not a new scam – it is a bigger scam of what has been going on for many years".
He said that regulators needed to clamp down on the network of pre-insolvency advisers that often drove phoenix activity, as well as the directors participating in it.

BRUCE RIEDEL: Saudis Tie Themselves to an Unpredictable U.S. President

Police probe UK links to Magnitsky money

Coming clean on the dirty secrets of tax havens

“In this life that sometimes seems to be a vast, ill-defined landscape without signposts, amid all of the vanishing lines and the lost horizons, we hope to find reference points, to draw up some sort of land registry so as to shake the impression that we are navigating by chance. So we forge ties, we try to find stability in the chance encounters.”

Norman Podhoretz was everywhere: Arendt’s New Year’s Eve party, Capote’s Black and White Ball. He was the wonder boy of the name-dropping circuit. Then he was cast out... Name Dropping likem Jozef Imrich or Margo Osmond 

Pulitzer prize winner blocked from Facebook after series of ‘corruption facts’ posts Times of Malta (Chuck L). Nothing like having good old Faceborg stand behind corrupt officials!

Forged Under Fire—Bob Mueller and Jim Comey’s Unusual Friendship Washingtonian. Note pub date. Martha r: “A beautiful story of a historic friendship (/s).”

News from the Profession. Your Technology Disorder Has a Name (Megan Lewczyk, Going Concern)

Anthony Capetola on May 16, 2017 – Sales and Orders Blog: “This is new and we only just noticed it in Merchant Center. It seems as though Google quietly rolled out the Beta for Purchases on Google. Access to the request form can be found in Merchant Center Programs in your Merchant Center account. Additionally, you can find the request form here.”

The Accountant’s Obsession with BMWs Cost Him His Family, His Freedom, and His CPA License (NYSSPA). “I need to tell you both something. My wife left me. My kids won’t talk to me. I lost my job. I embezzled almost a half a million dollars because I’m addicted to BMWs, and have been hiding them all over the state. I’ll probably be going to prison soon.”

Roger McEowen, Insights Into Handling IRS Disputes. Gleanings from a day spent by Tax Court Judge Paris at Washburn Law School

TaxGrrrl,My Mother’s Maiden Name Is Cumberbatch Hrovakova  (And Other Lies I Tell For The Sake Of Security). “When information gleaned from social media sites can be matched to other data – say, from a recent hack or breach – it’s incredibly valuable. It can be used not only to access your existing financial accounts but also to open new accounts in your name.”

Seeing an "irresistible opportunity to poke fun at an already ridiculous world," a UK television station launches "The Fake News Show" this week. You can watch the trailer here

The Bank Competition Myth

Why banks should not be considered to be private enterprises

'Fuelling a mental health crisis': Instagram worst social network for young people's mental health

Instagram has been ranked as the worst social networking app when it comes to its impact on young people's mental health, according to a new survey published by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in the UK.