Tuesday, May 09, 2017

HSBC and Tax Narrative

Narrative trumps truth once again....

For my secret AWB mate Donald Tobacco crop seized
$9 million in illegal tobacco seized and destroyed in Northern Victoria

Smuggling Cigarettes "Crime ring reportedly made millions"


Police seize £8m of fake designer goods and ... - The Telegraph


She fixed Ukraine's economy -- and was run out of her job by death ...

BUFFETT: Wells Fargo made 3 huge mistakes during the fake accounts scandal but one ‘dwarfs all the others Business Insider

The ABS has appointed Steve Hamilton, currently head of digital strategy and design at the Australian Taxation Office, as its CIO following the February departure of long-serving IT chief Patrick Hadley. The news was first reported by Computerworld.

ABS poaches tax IT exec as new CIO

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recruited to Steve Hamilton to take charge of IT at the agency.
Hamilton has been appointed the ABS chief information officer and general manager, Technology & Security Division, a spokesperson for the agency told Computerworld.
Hamilton is currently a deputy commissioner at the Australian Taxation Office, with his role at the ABS to commence on 22 May.

ATO online services knocked out again: "If this was happening at my business staff wouldn't be keeping their jobs" - SmartCompany

The Australian Taxation Office suffered yet another unplanned online service outage on Saturday afternoon, prompting more frustration from business owners ...

French presidential front runner Emmanuel Macron has filed a legal complaint after his far-right rival Marine Le Pen implied he had an "offshore account in the Bahamas". The complaint referred to comments Ms Le Pen made in Wednesday night's TV debate between the anti-EU, anti-immigration candidate and her centrist, pro-EU rival, widely dubbed  the most brutal in French presidential history. With three days to go before Sunday's second round run-off, the French saw Mr Macron as the debate's outright winner, snap polls showed. Some commentators suggested Ms Le Pen was seeking to position herself as pugnacious "head of the opposition" ahead of her likely defeat on Sunday

Emmanuel Macron files defamation complaint against Marine Le Pen


President Trump Praised Australia’s Universal Health Care Right After The House Repealed Obamacare Buzzfeed. Sanders breaks out laughing

Swiss 'spied inside German ministry' in tax scandal

Who knew former mayor was guilty?

Many fond memories of David Niven’s movies. One of my favorites was “Happy Anniversary”. I’ll never forget the line, “That wonderful year before we were married. All of the pleasures and none of the responsibilities.” via biography Niv

Storyful, a content verification unit of News Corp, and online analytics company Moat, teamed up to launch a fake news tracker aimed at choking these sites' advertising revenue.

Ernst & Young: Outlook for global tax policy in 2017. Ernst & Young: Outlook for global tax policy in 2017

Digital Transformation Minister talks data, avoids Centrelink robo debt

BYU (2016)Symposium, Important Issues in International Tax Law and Policy, 2016 BYU L. Rev. 1603-1965:

Guy makes money farming in other people’s yards

Why Is Rose Gold The Cool Gold? A Short History Of Color

“From the mid-nineteen-fifties to the early seventies, Kodak supplied commercial photographers who bought its film with so-called Shirley cards, images of women—always Caucasian—that were printed on card stock and used as the standard for lighting in studios. … The protocol was eventually updated to include black, Latina, and Asian models – but not for the same reasons that made Crayola retire its ‘flesh’ crayon. Rather, it was complaints from furniture manufacturers.

A Master’s degree for 7k? (NYT)


A new documentary about the New York Times arrives at just the moment America’s newspaper of record presents itself as something that stands not for news but for power, partisanship, and elitism. It’s titled “Obit,” perhaps in a witty response to the digital era’s advance on outmoded media. An inside look at how the paper’s staff of obituary writers and researchers perform their tasks, Obit may be the closest that any media-maker gets to examining the Times’ confidential procedures during this terrible period of oppositional journalism.

Obit’s timing and title is particularly apropos, considering how universally the DNC-MSM dropped the mask last year — and only a few years prior, already completed building their own mausoleum.

Related: “If you want to see, in an instant, what the New York Times has become, just consider the lead headlines in this morning’s editions of the Times and the Wall Street Journal.”

UK House of Commons Library Briefing Paper - Tax avoidance: recent developments  

UK House of Commons Library Briefing Paper -  Tax avoidance: a General Anti-Avoidance Rule  (GAAR) - background history (1997-2010) 

HMRC to widen football tax probe  

“The structure of a large corporation can often be a very complex conflagration of parent corporations, divisions, subsidiary corporations, sister corporations, holding companies, merged entities, corporate spin-offs and the like. Tracking down all of the related relationships between these entities can be an equally complex process of deep investigation into federal, state, tax, credit and corporate records.  An increasing trend in recent years has been for some U.S. corporations to establish subsidiary operations overseas. In some cases it may be simply because it’s more effective to have a subsidiary manage their operations within the country or region. However, a growing tactic among corporations is to use overseas subsidiaries to take advantage of lower foreign tax rates. This concept – often known as tax avoidance – has been an increasing part of a company’s strategy to minimize tax obligations by moving revenue and profits into locations that have lower tax rates. Unlike tax evasion which is illegal, tax avoidance is the use of legal strategies and systems within the tax laws of both the home country, such as the U.S., and the overseas country. However, this has become a political and business controversy as a number of large companies, particularly major information industry companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have been criticized for using these strategies to “avoid” or reduce their United States tax obligations.”
Legal Issues: IP Asset Valuation and IRS Scrutiny

A plan to introduce ID numbers for company directors