Sunday, May 28, 2017

Massive Fail

Drama follows Schapelle back home

Drama follows Schapelle back home
Schapelle Corby has turned the tables on the media, as reporters in Brisbane are greeted by people in Halloween masks.

In recent years, scientists have plumbed the molecular depths of the body and surfaced with tell-tale biomarkers of aging, some of which extend to the brain. Now, researchers are harnessing another tool, neuroimaging, to measure the organ’s age, and using that to predict how long a person will live…
…Cole and his colleagues recently devised their own technique of predicting the biological age of people’s brains using a combination of machine learning and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.
As for determining if someone is brain dead, voting for ND is definitely a tell-tale marker.

Lack of sleep causes your brain to eat itself

Waves Rippled Through Greenland’s Ice. That’s Ominous Climate Central 

British Airways cancels all flights from London after IT outage

Bitcoin Has Come Roaring Back—But So Have the Risks

Inside the cocaine syndicate that kept Sydney's dirty habit going

A bumbling cocaine syndicate that delivered drugs to thousands of people across the eastern suburbs and city showed off about being untouchable while they were selling to undercover operatives and eating dumplings together in full view of surveillance ...