Thursday, May 18, 2017

Colvinium: Rise Of The Global Novel

INK BOTTLE“By all means, golubchik, finish the play. You feel that it is not turning out as you should like, but don’t trust your feeling, as it may deceive you. One usually dislikes a play while writing it, but afterward it grows on one. Let others judge and make decisions.”
~ Anton Chekhov, letter to Maxim Gorky, September 24, 1900

“Sometimes you [can] walk across a field and a sense of elation [will] come over you….That patch of happiness could be floating around the field for the last ten years or the last three hundred and fifty years. Out of love that was had there or a child that was playing or an old friend that was found…Whatever it was, caused a great happy feeling and it was left there in the field. You’re after walking into it. And for half a minute you’re lifted and soaring but then you’re out the far side again… “–Cornelius O’Grady, John Lennon’s driver in Ireland.

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Last week's global cyberattack was just the beginning


How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks MalwareTech. A digital “police procedural” detective story on “the WannaCrypt fiasco.” May give you a message about DDoS attacks when you click through. Just wait.

Met Police use of Indian hackers probed by watchdog BBC (WB). WB writes: “Security services outsource to the underworld as a matter of standard operating procedure (recall how the FBI used Jeremy Hammond?). It transfers risk while also enabling plausible deniability. The ditch diggers at the bottom of the food chain often have no idea who they’re working for. Talking to false flag cut-outs who vanish into thin air. This is why attribution is so hard.”

THERE ARE TWO WORLDS. ONE INSIDE THE BELTWAY, THE OTHER OUT:“People are tuning the media out. Credibility is largely gone.”

 Political and ethnic tensions fuel fears of east-west split in EU FT

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Rise Of The Global Novel – Is There Really Such A Thing?

“How can a writer situated in one culture communicate its truth to readers in very different places?”