Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What is Bizarre Drained #covfefe? [ mixture of confetti and twitter coverage ] Donald Trump baffles with late night Twitter post

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe - a Slavic mix of confetti with twitter coverage" 

~In 'covfefe', Donald Trump has coined an immortal term for an inept administration

Congressman drafts COVFEFE Act to preserve Trump's Twitter tantrums

Ivanka's and Melanja's wordsmith create a revolution we had to have ...
Over 1200 “covfefe” products on Amazon — “Did you mean: “coffee””?
THIS IS CNN: We asked strangers to pronounce covfefe

Screenshot taken at 5:16am. Sometime in the last 30 minutes his minder took it down. It was up over 5 hours!! 


and then he wrote   
We are living an an age where one mans typo goes viral in minutes. What a legend. 👑 

 'Making  America efe f voc covfefe again!'

Congrats to Brother George Clooney for landing the high profile  ad campaign. 


THERE’S no such thing as bad “covfefe”.

I don't know who did this, but they've won the internet. 


President Trump has proved he has not lost his sense of humour in office, challenging his audience to figure out what on earth “covfefe” means after his tweet sparked an internet firestorm.

Watch: This is how Trump's  tweet blew up Twitter 

“Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe”???” Trump tweeted on 
Wednesday morning local time after his mystery tweet sent the internet into meltdown. His original tweet had also been deleted from his account.

The president's cryptic and mysterious tweet has spawned memes and a lot of confusion as  people work out what he was trying to say. Even Merriam-Webster, the dictionary that has become one of Donald Trump's most prominent and unlikely critics, had to ...

Covfefe: sometimes it takes something special to make you step back and realize the state of the world you live in. That's what happened this Tuesday evening in the U.S. when President Trump gifted the internet a very unexpected present: the covfefe meme.
What is #covfefe? Donald Trump baffles with late night Twitter post

Donald Trump's bizarre 'covfefe' tweet sparks social media ridicule