Monday, May 08, 2017

Roadkill: Electoral Landscapes: Waiting Room for God

Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods Advance auction sale of stolen goods. H. L. Mencken

Emmanuel Macron files defamation complaint against Marine Le Pen: Bahamas  ...

Story image for france election from ABC OnlineFrench election: Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency 

Story image for france election from The HillClinton, Sanders weigh in on French election results

Warren Buffett likened unemployed workers to animals that are helpless to avoid car crashes, and said the U.S. must do more to help those displaced by competition from overseas and technology. De De Warren Buffett says-people who lose their jobs have become roadkill

 Eddie Obeid: Jailed former NSW Labor minister still collecting parliamentary pension

Did Scott Morrison just swear in his interview with @LaurieOakes? Why the bleeping ..

"Fake news is shaping up to be a serious threat to democracy, as you can't be guided by the will of the people when they're misinformed. At least that's the way it's supposed to work, although in practice modern democracies tend to be oligarchies in disguise with the powerful few lying to the masses who place more stock in feelpinions than facts anyway." — Adam Turner in the Sydney Morning Herald

So It Turns Out The British Have An Official ‘Election Artist’

And this year’s is sculptor Cornelia Parker. Parker “will observe the election campaign, which culminates in the vote on 8 June, and produce a piece in response.” 

This is why Theresa May and Marine Le Pen are more similar than you think Independent

The optimism and ambition of Macron's platform could yet frustrate him in office. But for the next week, when his job is to soak up voters from across the political spectrum against Le Pen, they will be his assets. His success has already proven the electoral rewards of sticking to the values of the centre ground.
Australia's political class might take heed: when one talks of the importance of values, those of the centre are what count.

European politics: The young centrists strike back Australian Financial Review

Fight to stop Macron hack distorting poll

The media has been warned not to publish the contents of hacked emails from Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign. France's electoral commission has said any organisations that circulate information from the leaked messages may be committing a ...

One Nation under fresh scrutiny over possible electoral breaches

Former MP Ross Cameron stays locked out of Liberal Party

Noel D'Souza expulsion Labor Party 

CHARLIE MARTIN:  Remember the VICTIMS of Communism ...


Story image for ato tax from Oxfam America (press release) (blog)Big tax trouble down under
Oxfam America 

The Google News creator says there are ways social media platforms can check and correct misinformation in real time. And The New York Times writes about automated fact-checking, but omits important efforts.