Friday, May 25, 2018

Warning of risks for tax take from bank ‘write-offs’

Nigeria: Unprecedented corporate bribery trial kicks off against Shell, Eni, CEO and executives Global Witness

1MDB Talks With Malaysia Should Start Quickly, Swiss Say Bloomberg

‘ … investigating how billions of dollars was allegedly diverted from the Malaysian economic development fund, some of it funneled through Swiss-based banks’
Swiss Banks: Risky Hong Kong Loopholes finews

Union report on Aged-Care Corporations spurs tax-inquiry by Australian Senate Public Services International

Warning of risks for tax take from bank ‘write-offs’ Irish Independent
‘ … proposed sunset clause limiting the capacity of banks to offset historic losses against their current tax bills – effectively allowing them to pay no corporation tax indefinitely – contained in a new draft report on Ireland’s corporation tax regime.’

India: Google asked to pay tax on ‘royalty’ remitted to Ireland The Times of India

See also: Google India to Fight ‘Inaccurate’ $38.4 Million Tax Bill Bloomberg BNA

Despite Tax Fraud Conviction, Billionaire Berlusconi Given Okay To Run For Office Forbes

US Investigating Dutch Bank Executives for Drug Money Laundering OCCRP

Offshore tax havens set to overtake Canada in corporate transparency The Star

Owners of Scottish tax haven firms protest “We are not Shells” Herald Scotland

The University of Montana Foundation invests tens of millions in offshore tax havens Montana Kaimin
The Paradise Papers leak exposes how university foundations across the country hide money in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda

How Maltese Online Gambling Became an ATM for the Italian Mafia OCCRP

Revealed: Sackler family linked to worldwide drugs crisis saves millions using offshore haven and non-dom status London Evening Standard
See also: The Sackler files: How the tax haven of Bermuda played key role in £10 billion family fortune London, and letter from Tax Justice UK: There is no reason we should still allow non-dom tax status