Friday, May 25, 2018

Cut imports from 'arrogant' Australia

We escaped communism in 1980 and as bad luck of history would surround us with Chinese communists in 2018 ...

communist power hungry from
 “Xi is power hungry but not just for the sake of it,” Tsang said. “He intends to leave his ...
Cut imports from 'arrogant' Australia: China's Global Times
The Australian 

China: Communist Party threatens to cut billions from Australian imports -

Luke Foley: What does 'white flight' mean? - Sydney is full ;-) -

ABC Sydney on Twitter: ""I won't use the term again" NSW Labor ...

 "I won't use the term again" NSW Labor leader Luke Foley apologises for "white flight" comments on Sydney migration. ...

'Tax law is fuzzy, and by design'

The Australian

Tadmore: The ATO is probably one of the most sophisticated and assertivetax authorities around the world. They have invested a lot in knowledge, expertise ...

Story image for trains full from The Sydney Morning HeraldPassenger crowding on Sydney trains worsens as demand soars
The Sydney Morning Herald 

Three ways in which democracies die: Coups, catastrophes, and technological takeovers. None of those are inevitable, but none have solutions

 Performance art” once involved raucous Dadaists; now it’s a Lady Gaga performance or Kanye West tweet. Why have pop stars started dealing in high-concept abstractions? Abstraction 

Avoiding the sprawl: which cities really face the longest commutes
New figures from the ABS certainly make you wonder about the government's argument for decentralisation.
Chipotle wrongfully accused a manager of stealing $626. She just won millions in court. Washington Post