Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bowing to pressure, White House to host bipartisan briefing on Russia investigation

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 Is Capital or Labor Winning at Your Favorite Company? Introducing the Marx Ratio The Upshot (UserFriendly). Clever (?) branding, but I’m dubious. Capital isn’t winning massively at Amazon? Really?

After Evergreen The Stranger
Anarchism: The Jesus Way Hello Gregory  “​Written by that fired Palo Alto preacher.​ He’s a smart cookie, for a preacher.”

Framing the Trump Campaign as Lackeys of Russia by Publius Tacitus Sic Semper Tyrannis. One narrative of many from the Hall of Mirrors, but Colonel Lang is neither a fool nor a patsy….
The Real Origination Story of the Trump-Russia Investigation Andrew McCarthy, National Review. And another…
Jared Kushner Gets Security Clearance, Ending Swirl of Questions Over Delay NYT. “Mark S. Zaid, a veteran Washington lawyer who handles security clearances, said it was highly unlikely that the special counsel would uncover evidence of improper foreign entanglements and not flag it for security officials.”
Exclusive: Yulia Skripal – Attempted assassination turned my world upside down Reuters. Worth reading carefully. Skripal: “I also think fondly of those who helped us on the street on the day of the attack.” Who were not, IIRC, wearing moon suits?

The Moon is still strategic The Interpreter
Trump Transition