Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Am So Young

“Bloody” has been ruled unparliamentary language.
I’m very glad the Speaker does not have our office within earshot.


Found via Small Dead Animals, where a commenter writes, “Heh….cool, now do a biology one on gender. For that one I’ll make popcorn.”
Heh, indeed.™
Update: “No irony lost: academics who have built careers pedalling post-modern theory now lamenting the advent of a ‘post-truth’ society.”

IT’S CERTAINLY BEEN A BLESSING TO ME: If you’re attractive and therefore have ‘erotic capital’, do you possess an advantage to earn more money?

IN THE MAIL: From Senator Mike Lee, Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought Big Government.

I can name names, too? Czech out David Walshaw: (Olive Oil the New Zealand Way by DW)

You must be nuts, they all said...
“I have a lot invested in each drop of this gorgeous, golden liquid. There is the time and money, of course, but there is far more than that, too. It is the distillation of a dream and the physical and emotional effort required to realise that dream. The flavours and the aromas of the oil are like a story — the story of the tree’s experience of a year, itself a chapter in the life of the tree, and the tree’s life a volume in the ages long story of the cultivation of the olive. My own story is in there, too, intertwined with the gnarled wood of the olive tree.”  

NEWS YOU CAN USE: CPAP machines may help your sex life.
In a semi-related note, one of my friends recently remarked that being single in your 40s nowadays means taking a CPAP along to a booty-call.

CINEMA TECH HISTORY: Joe Pappalardo: There Are Secrets In The Texas Theatre. Being a projectionist was once dangerous work.

“The Dramatis Personae of Our Lives”: On “A Bountiful Harvest: The Correspondence of Anthony Hecht and William L. MacDonald” - Los Angeles Review of Books

Fact-Checking Of Nonfiction Books (There’s A Lot Less Of It Than You May Think)

Recent controversies over Sally Kohn’s The Opposite of Hate and Amy Chozick’s Chasing Hillary – not to mention Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury – “have raised concerns about the accuracy and standards of published books. … But what anyone who has never published a book might not realize is that the bar for factchecking books during the editing process is low, if it even exists at all. Not only that, it’s common for publishers to never have a conversation with authors about the issue of factchecking and to assume that getting it right is entirely on the author.”