Sunday, May 27, 2018

Interview with Elena Ferrante

"... we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”.

Precious and lilting, odd and interminable pauses, hanging in the air like "a thick cloud of oratorial perfume." What, exactly, is Poet Voice?... Poetic Songs   
Leonardo and the riddle of authentication. His works have resurfaced with surprising frequency. Can an expert eye really detect when it's the real thing? Real Things  

“I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t know jack shit about anything,” says Stephen King. That might not put you off The Stand, but what about his poetry? Imrich  

Interview with Elena Ferrante

A star of book publishing, Peter Mayer was known for his charm, his temper, his savvy, and his smoking. An appreciation... Mayer - so different to Geoff Myers 

 Ezra Klein interviews me for Vox, and I make several points of relevance to Vox readers/listeners.  Recommended.  And a Vox article, good, but it leaves out the best stuff I said.

 Are people in the suburbs happier?  You don’t need to click on this one to know the answer.
 “Our newest royal bride, meanwhile, has already shut down her blog and deleted her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. From now on, even as her image becomes increasingly ubiquitous, her voice will be heard less and less. Like Blanche of Lancaster before her, Meghan Markle appears to know exactly what she’s letting herself in for, and all the indications are that she will do her job in the royal “Firm” with style and grace. We can wish her well and at the same time question the job description: the recent prominence of royal women might make for splendid pageantry, but when it comes to the story of gender and power, it’s the antithesis of real change.” NYT link here.
 The Royal Wedding cellist (short video)