Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The 2018-19 Federal Budget: For The Common Good

It makes communal sense to bring back the books of Morris West, whose big themes – conscience versus power, the individual versus the institution – are as relatable to the struggles of secular – as much as religious – life.

The 2018-19 Federal Budget was handed down today on Tuesday, 8 May 2018. Predicted to be a likely election budget, it comes at a critical time for the Government and is expected to contain tax cuts for low to middle income earners, major R&D tax offset changes, and no doubt a host of other tax changes.

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  These policies are worth billions — but good luck finding them in the budget

Budget Tax-Breaks Snakes and Ladders

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Bowen slams coalition money management

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen has kicked off budget day in federal parliament slamming the government's money management. ... “And now the poor old former treasurer (Peter Costello) has lamented on the 7.30 Report (ABC TV) that he's going to be dead before the government's debt is paid off under this trajectory ...

Tax cap 'more politics than economics'

There is a strong case for reversing income tax "bracket creep", but Scott Morrison's pledge to limit taxes to 23.9 per cent of GDP is mostly politics, say leading economists.

Budget's big Baby Boomer bonus

A scheme enabling pensioners to borrow against their homes will be significantly boosted in Tuesday's budget, as will a scheme enabling pensioners to earn more 

Hewson decries 'mother of all political budgets'

Morrison to offer $10 tax cut for low-income earners


Art of the leak: how the budget is strategically doled out for maximum effect
Over time, governments came to see that there was political gain to be had by selectively leaking both the budget deliberations and some of the actual measures. 

An evening with the treasurer: how governments belt out budget hits
"Some have set the course for electoral victory, others have tanked. In any case, federal budgets are important moments in the life of governments – especially those that are a little wobbly." (The Conversation)

The income tax goose has already been plucked

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A million more UK children in poverty than in 2010 – study Guardian

Eight charts that illustrate our growing tax problem

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The BCA, fake pub-tests and the impending propaganda blitz - Mike West

Chart of the day: Executives, nurses, public servants — who's using negative gearing?

Payroll tax here to stay, at least for now


Even when ASIC has been sufficiently resourced to pursue litigation, the Australian courts have contributed to an environment where contravening behaviour is a rewarding option.

Hillary Clinton sounds the alarm on China's foreign influence laws via Nique who managed to be part of Julia's table ...

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One year on, Donald Trump's firing of James Comey remains his most revealing move

James Comey's explosive book about Donald Trump has the choir boy taking on the neighbourhood bully