Thursday, May 24, 2018

Think chimpanzee beds are dirtier than human ones?

Dick Smith on population boom: Our children will live ‘like termites, like battery chooks’ on 2GB

Bleakness was his birthright. Despite the ministrations of academics, Joseph Conradendures as a modern master of a tragic sense of  life  

Espionage has inspired literature since Stendhal. The CIA even produces a partly classified journal devoted to the spy novel: Studies in Intelligence  Cold War Rivers 

A former Googler leading the charge against AI weapons says her time at Google taught her that even ‘nice’ people can make bad moral decisions Business Insider We clearly don’t have the same definition of nice. Or put it another way (and thanks to the state of web search I can’t find the title), a book a few years back on the personal lives of the staff at Buchenwald (or was it Dachau?) found they were “nice” people too

Can Humans Live Well without Pillaging the Planet? Scientific American (David L). “Can” does not equal “will”.